2014 Birthday Project Book’s Journey

December is coming to an end, Reply 1994 is nearing its final episode. Fans are on pins and needles and confused; “Will they? Won’t they?” “What the heck is this?” “I don’t care I’m going down with this ship.” “There’s still hope for us guyzzzz” These are words buzzing in everyone’s head. In the midst of this excitement, a few fans are exchanging PMs.

“We are opening the tumblr on 31st December.”

“The twitter account is done.”

“Why do we have two?”

“Oops! Sorry.”

“The other one is linked to tumblr. It’s okay to have two.”


“It’s done.”

“YouTube account is set.”

“What about a backup account? If they block our video.”

“Let’s set-up Dailymotion.”

“I can help on some design but occasionaly only because I have a job and family.”

“I can translate from Korean to English as long as the Korean isn’t too difficult. I’m ok with the spoken word, but not quite as good with the written word.”

In a few days 31st is nearing, “isn’t his birthday coming soon?” A group of seven is cooking up the birthday project. “We’re working on it!” PMs and more PMs keep pouring in and New Year’s eve has finally arrived.

“People, we are LIVE.”

This is it! Full steam ahead. There is no turning back.

It’s 4th of January of the new year and skype is giving the seven a hard time. What sorcery is this? But the decision is made. The group knows what to do. Everything is in motion. All that is needed are submissions from the fellow fans.

And wait we did.

It’s almost the second week of February, the submissions are coming in a good pace. Proofread. Approve. Design. Proofread. Approve. Design.

It’s the deadline. 14th of February. The mailbox is bursting. What sorcery is this? Proofread. Approve. Proofread. Approve. Design. Proofread. Approve. Proofread. Approve. Design. This is so overwhelming! Help is needed. We have to. There is no other way.

“Hello! Anybody can help on the design team?”

“I can!”

“I’m not too good with Photoshop but I’ll ask my brother to teach me.”

March is here and pages and pages of the book are finally shaping up. Chapter every chapter is starting to get completed. Proofread. Design. Proofread. Design. Soon enough we are at the acknowledgment page. This is it! The cover needs to be completed and we are almost there.

It’s 17th March early morning and Nurul is downloading the pages and putting them on her portable drive. The printer is waiting. The design team is wondering whether they got all the pages right.

Two days later, Nurul is uploading the book mock-up in the shared drive. It’s time for another proofread.

“I think there’s a mistake in one page”

“It’s portrait not landscape.”

“Page 26, too!”

“Half of the page is cut off “

“Page 20: only 1 page? Or it’s not loading?”

“Let me sum it up. Pages that needed to be rotated: 6, 25, 26, 20”

“Also do we need to remake the spine? I can always do it really quickly”

“Unsolved puzzle is landscape so need to rotate 180”

“no need to interchange the lucky lady and 77 reasons.  It ends up the same”

“I’m sorry but I didnt check the epilogue properly, but the original version ended up being used instead of the altered version. Hope that’s ok with you guys?”

“No spelling mistakes or grammar errors, but there were some reservations expressed about the wording. eek. Is it too late to change?”

“Let me update the PSD.”

“It’s done. The page is in the drive.“

“The spine is ready too!”

The files are back to the printer. The group is nervously waiting. The days are passing and the group is still scouring for the perfect gift.

“Cooper River Bags! Why you Na Jeong us?”

“Why you must be at the foot of the mountains!”

“Maybe their telephone lines were cut-off and internet too.”

It is Wednesday. The 26th and almost lunch time at the other half of the world and close to midnight on the other side. We are discussing about the new wordpress site.

12:51 Yen mrs_d, it should be about US

12:51 tiffanyndo Run away

12:51 Yen We will have another page for YYS profile

12:51 mrs_d Yeah I meant the yys ifc manifesto

12:51 Lunagal Yeah- you mean what we represent etc?

12:52 Lunagal What our mission and purpose is

12:53 kaylanurul YA! staappphhh eeetttttt

12:53 kaylanurul hahahahahahahaha

12:53 Lunagal nae……..araseoyo

12:54 Lunagal *pouts*

12:54 kaylanurul

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.07.03 am a


12:55 tiffanyndo Also, the logo in the drive is opened for all teams to use

12:56 tiffanyndo I think I heard someone mentioning putting logo in our video as well

12:56 mrs_d Just me I think

12:56 tiffanyndo Booookssss

12:56 tiffanyndo Nurul, please live broadcast thissss

12:57 Yen Kay, I want to suggest that members post some essays or movie reviews

12:57 Yen His movies, of course

12:57 kaylanurul aaaahhh i seeeee

12:57 Yen Character analysis and stuff

12:58 Yen To keep the blog alive

12:58 kaylanurul that would be good too then

12:58 Lunagal ooh that does sound good!

12:58 kaylanurul yes tiff.. I’ll do live broadcast

12:58 tiffanyndo

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.08.08 am a

12:59 kaylanurul they’re in the basement of my office now. Will be in my floor in 5 more minuuuteeessss

12:59 kaylanurul security be damned


12:59 tiffanyndo Doki doki DOKI

12:59 JunnieZa Live recap on the books????

12:59 tiffanyndo Gonna die out of excitement

12:59 tiffanyndo

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.09.47 am a

13:00 mrs_d Please dont die

13:01 Yen Are the books on the 3rd flr?

13:02 Yen 4th flr?

13:02 Yen 5th?

13:02 Yen I’m excited

13:02 Lunagal DING!

13:02 Lunagal Elevator doors open

13:02 Paradicez 😀 😀

13:02 JunnieZa Hahaha

13:02 Lunagal delivery man steps out

13:02 Yen Dramatic thump

13:02 Lunagal checks the name on the label again

13:02 Lunagal scratches his bum

13:03 Yen The delivery guy is HODOR!

13:03 Lunagal wanders through the office

13:03 JunnieZa Hahahahaha

13:03 Paradicez  my hearts beating fast lmao

13:03 Lunagal scans his eyes around the office looking for the receptionist

13:03 Lunagal or someone to ask

13:04 Lunagal “Ummmmmm is there a Nurul here?”

13:04 Lunagal first guy shrugs and gestures that he’s on the phone

13:04 Lunagal delivery guy moves on to the next desk.

13:04 Yen And the second one says, there’s like 3 nuruls

13:04 Lunagal “Excuse me where’s Nurul?”

13:05 Lunagal “Oh shit”

13:05 Lunagal “I’m already running late for my next delivery”

13:05 JunnieZa Yen and Lunagal!!!

13:05 JunnieZa I am collapsing of laughter here!!!

13:05 Lunagal The office worker replies “Nurul A, Nurul B or Nurul R?”


13:06 Lunagal Delivery guys blinks dumbly

13:06 Yen Nurul B came out and asked, where’s my pizza?

13:06 tiffanyndo Lol you guys’ creativity knows no boundary

13:07 Lunagal (just filling in time guys while we wait)

13:07 Lunagal Delivery guy responds “Ummmm I dun think this is pizza. It’s quite heavy…..but I dunno”

13:07 tiffanyndo Please continue with the live broadcast

13:07 tiffanyndo I’m a big fan here!

13:08 Yen Nurul B, side eyes the delivery guy and thinks, “this guy’s looks ain’t bad”

13:08 Lunagal Delivery guy scratches his bum again and side eyes her

13:08 Lunagal “would you like pizza?”

13:09 Lunagal (Meanwhile kaylanurul, is dying of impatience)

13:09 Lunagal “Uhhhhh I know a good pizza place around here…………. we…………. could go together?”

13:10 Paradicez

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.12.06 am a

13:10 mrs_d You guyssssas

13:11 Lunagal (kaylanurul has rung down to the security desk to find out what is taking so damn long)

13:11 mrs_d So funny

13:11 tiffanyndo (Nurul A simply wonders where the delivery guy dropped half of his eye brows)

13:11 mrs_d Is this the live broadcast of the delivery

13:11 Yen Nurul B adjusted her tudong and blinked

13:12 Yen ***Cryptic stare***

13:12 mrs_d Blinked thrice

13:12 JunnieZa It’s hard to contain my laughter in office

13:12 JunnieZa You gals are killing me!!!!

13:12 mrs_d This is like chain fic

13:12 Lunagal

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.12.45 am a

13:13 tiffanyndo “Maybe I can offer the poor guy the eye pencil in my bag”, Nurul A is still deep in thoughts

13:13 mrs_d Lolololol

13:13 mrs_d Does he need a snack?

13:14 Lunagal Nurul B thinks to herself she will only eungdap him after 21 episodes of leading him on

13:15 Lunagal but then………………….delivery guy stretches and shows his protruding bones

13:15 Lunagal Nurul B is mesmerised

13:16 Yen Nurul B caught a whiff of of something minty from his hair

13:17 mrs_d Hahahahaha

13:17 Lunagal and then realises it a dried dab of toothpaste

13:17 mrs_d Protruding shoulder blades

13:17 Lunagal Ahhhh but at least he once brushed his teeth……..she thinks

13:18 Yen And she wonders, “will he have a different taste everyday?”

13:18 mrs_d Omg ewww

13:18 mrs_d Yen hahahahah

13:18 mrs_d Whats he been eating

13:18 Lunagal (meanwhile no-one is answering Nurul R’s phone call)

13:19 Yen The delivery guy felt his phone vibrate on his back pocket

13:19 Lunagal EUNGDAPHAE!!!!!!!!!!! kaylanurul cries out

13:19 mrs_d Hahahha

13:19 Yen He closed his eyes momentarily

13:19 tiffanyndo kaylanurul starts flipping all the tables

13:20 Yen Nurul B felt like she wants to plant kisses on his eyelids

13:20 mrs_d Hahahaha

13:20 tiffanyndo *jeop jeop

13:20 mrs_d It might make him press his forehead to hers

13:20 Lunagal Nurul B inches closer, and then falls and twists her ankle

13:21 mrs_d And cry whilst saying I love you

13:21 Lunagal Delivery guys drops the packages and offers her a piggyback

13:21 kaylanurul

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.14.28 am a

13:21 Lunagal Nurul B hesitates. Coz she knows that this means they will be together for life

13:21 kaylanurul Teaseeeerrrr

13:21 mrs_d And she throws up on his back

13:22 mrs_d Omggghhhhh


13:22 Yen Wheee!

13:22 Paradicez SCREAM! 😀


13:22 Lunagal IT”S BEEYOODAFUL!!!!

13:22 tiffanyndo It is GIGANTICCCC

13:22 Yen It’s big!!!!

13:23 Lunagal (Nurul PS you should BT to see what we’ve been doing while waiting for you)

13:23 Yen It’s not A4 size, right?


13:23 mrs_d Omg its beautiful

13:23 mrs_d Stickers

13:23 Yen I wanna cry

13:24 mrs_d Omg he’s gonna love that

13:24 Paradicez I want to teleport to where u are so i can flip through those pages.

13:24 mrs_d I love it

13:24 mrs_d And it’s not even for mw

13:24 tiffanyndo This looks like an a3 instead of a4

13:24 mrs_d Me

13:24 mrs_d Dammit

13:24 JunnieZa IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

13:24 tiffanyndo But noooo complaint here

13:25 JunnieZa Think it is a3

13:25 mrs_d Yys give us hugs

13:25 kaylanurul ITS A4 I SWEEAAARRRR

13:25 JunnieZa We get a3 with a4 price??? No complaints here too

13:25 mrs_d I lurrve it


13:26 Yen KAY, if it’s A4, then you are so tiny


13:26 Paradicez LOL.

13:26 kaylanurul im uploading a video now

13:26 mrs_d Omgggggggg

13:26 mrs_d I can’t wait

13:26 Lunagal SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13:26 JunnieZa Omgomgomg

13:27 JunnieZa I want to see the video!!!!

13:27 mrs_d I’m gonna pee on myself

13:27 tiffanyndo Pictures of all the pages please. Lord, I am so demanding. Haha



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