[deadline changed to 14/April] Photo submissions for Yeon Seok’s birthday video

I guess you have read by now the announcement from KingKong Ent regarding their plan to receiving video submissions which they want to showcase in Yoo Yeon Seok’s birthday party cum fanmeet. 

YeoNiverse plans to make a submission. We will need your help to be able to complete this video in time. We need pictures from YeoNizens showing their greetings for his birthday. It will be heartfelt and more poignant if the background is something iconic from your city/country. This is a way to show him that his popularity is increasing overseas.  

You don’t need to get your face in the photo if you’re too shy. You can write a birthday message on a paper and take a photo of it with the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the background or write your message on the sandy beach (someone already made this for the book but why not do it again?). Maybe a birthday cake sitting atop the Singapore Merlion?

 Keep the message short and big.
 Make it fun. Be creative. 
Show him how much he is loved.

 Since we have such limited time to do this, we need everybody’s help and cooperation. Please submit your photos to yooyeonseokdesign@gmail.com latest by 14th April 2014 23:59 KST.

NOTE: Please send us the best quality that you have! The larger the picture, the better. Thank you!



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