New Poster for Yoo Yeon Seok’s 1st fanmeet

We all know this was supposed to have happened on 20th of his birthday month (April) but due to the Sewol accident it has been postponed. Now we have a new date and here’s the new poster!

Doesn’t he look so dashing and handsome and pretty… and OMG! I-cant-contain-myself-I-might-jump-on-him. Click, click, click to get the HQ.

So if you have bought the tickets for the event previously, you still have a seat. It seems that it has been moved to a bigger venue; thus, more seats are being sold. YeoNiverse will monitor and check for any developments such as events that we can participate. So please follow our Twitter account and visit this site often for more updates.

 photo ED8FACEC8AA4ED84B0_EAB3B5ECA780EC9AA9_zps4038301a.jpg

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