[20140727] Rough Translation of Yoo Yeon Seok’s letter given away to fans

Yoo Yeon Seok read a letter to fans during his firs fan meeting 1st Story last 27th July. A copy of this letter are given away to fans who attended the event. Below is the rough translation. YeoNiverse has a surprise for you and do watch out for it.

He said that this is his first fanmeeting after debut, so he was sincerely thankful for the fans. While preparing for the first fanmeeting, he had variety of thoughs and a lot feelings. Ever since he was young, his dream was to become an actor, and will always like acting, until now he’s still running for this dream and it took 10 years, and before he know it, there were people who supported him, and one by one it grew until he could even have this fanclub name yeonliji. he feels really touched of the fans being with him together and feeling the moments with him, that he don’t know how to express it in words.

It felt like he kept dreaming a happy dream that wasn’t awake. for always supporting him, someday he wants to once arrange a date and be with him in once place, and he was fluttered and happy thinking that this opportunity finally happened. He was thinking what if everyone wasn’t there for him. Through today’s fanmeeting, he felt more closer to the fans and wishes to make more precious memories with the fans. He prepared so much for the fanmeeting but he feels lacking so he wishes the fans look at his thoughts/heart considerately and cutely. He thinks that an actor is nothing without the audience. He was able to exist because of the fans. without stopping, he will try hard to progress and without changing, he will become a sincere actor, so he hopes that the fans, without changing, would give him affection and love.

He will always be thankful of the love that fan gave him although he is lacking. He doesn’t really know how to express his gratitude and he was problematic because of that. And he hopes that through this letter, he was able to express it sincerely, even just a little. He hopes that it wont be too long until they face again, and hopes that they meet again very oftenly. please always be healthy and happy. It was a lovely and sweet memory. He hopes to make alot of memories.

Always thank.. and loves you.

To the fans, with affectation, actor Yoo Yeon Seok

Rough Translation by : tokkipanda

Brought to you by Yeoniverse ~ Yoo Yeon Seok IFC



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