[20140727] Translation of Yoo Yeon Seok’s comments on the fan made video

There are two fanmade videos shown during 1st Story fan meeting held last 27th Jul. Here is one of them and the translation of the commentary Yoo Yeon Seok made while watching it.

MC: These were from from the fansigning events right?
YYS: Yes, I think so. Yes.. Ah.. You’re giving it to me after all these things that I did.. ah..
MC: Your smile is really pretty..
YYS: hahaha I’m embarassed..

YYS: Ha.. It’s always crowded during the fanmeet events but all these~ were all filmed ah..
YYS: (At the part where he and the fan failed to shake hands, the fans bursted out laughing while he was embarassed) Please ask me to shake hands like that hahaha

YYS: (Playing the median video) this video looked compact through the zoom lense haha

MC: You really do talk a lot with these many fans during fansigning..

YYS: But still, whether it was a brief conversation, I do it while giving signature, there’s a lot of people waiting, so it’s a regret that I can’t talk for too long.

MC: (Playing VIPS video) I think you fit well, not matter what role you play. You look good on that chef outfit.

YYS: (While watching the part where he is imitating his ‘i like it’ emoticon) I looked so giddy hahaha

YYS: (Playing Dream book signing video) I am seeing myself, why do i feel touched. It’s weird? I’m looking at myself smiling/laughing, why am i so happy(?) hahaha

YYS: (The video ended) Ah.. Thank you..

Source http://woo-yeon.tistory.com

Translation by : tokkipanda
Brought to you by Yeoniverse ~ Yoo Yeon Seok IFC




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