Why Yoo Yeon Seok is Dubbed “Chungmuro’s Blue Chip”?

Following the release of “Whistle Blower” official and main trailers, few media outlets in South Korea start to refer Yoo Yeon Seok as “Chungmuro’s blue chip”. The news from KBS that I posted below is one of the evidences.

video uploaded by EYS

When I first heard about Yoo Yeon Seok being dubbed “Chungmuro’s blue chip”, I was left to wonder the meaning behind it. As far as I know, “blue chip” is commonly used as a business terminology to refer the recognized, well-established and financially sound companies. The said companies are well known for their ability to produce well received and high quality products. They are regarded as solid and dependable companies as they have been tested in weathering storms by churning in profits even during economic downturn.

While watching the news, I realized that this is the first time I ever heard of someone, instead of a company, being called as “blue chip”. So, I asked my fellow YeoNizen, Lunagal to enlighten me on this particular subject. She has kindly shade some lights by saying that the definition of “blue chip” referred to Yoo Yeon Seok is no different than the one used in corporate world. She said that he is being called “Chungmuro’s blue chip” because his previous movies have all done well box-office wise and he is acknowledged as a good actor by the public and his peers. He is a solid and dependable actor who breaths life into his characters and able to stand as tall while acting with more senior and seasoned artists like Park Hae Il, Lee Kyung Young, Lim Soo Jung, Han Suk Kyu and Go Soo.

Aha! Now I understand why he is dubbed “Chungmuro’s blue chip” nowadays. With three movies waiting to be released, soon enough public will be able to see whether he can weather the highly competitive Korean film industry by seamlessly transitioning from one character to another with solid performances and whether his movies do well in the box-office or not. I guess we can only wait until the major screening of Whistle Blower in October to see if he can live up to his new nickname, “Chungmuro’s blue chip”.

To uri Yoo Yeon Seok: Hwaiting!


2 thoughts on “Why Yoo Yeon Seok is Dubbed “Chungmuro’s Blue Chip”?”

  1. Lol so I am not the only one wondering why is this guy, for quite a number of times (that video is not the first, for me) being dubbed as “blue chip” in Chungmuro by the media. Besides Chungmuro, I think I’ve seen him being regarded as “blue chip in advertisement”, too. Ahahaha.

    I can’t wait for the release of his movies, especially Whistle Blower. I have a feeling that that movie will be one interesting and solid movie, regardless of doing well in the box office or not.

    Love love the article by the way!

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