Yoo Yeon Seok ‘Blows the Whistle’: Stories Behind “Whistle Blower”

At Seoul City, Jung-gu Dongdaemun Megabox on August 25th, Director Im Sun Rye, actors Park Hae Il and Yoo Yeon Seok attended the press conference for the upcoming movie ‘Whistle Blower’.


After the drama ‘Reply 1994’, which Yoo Yeon Seok received a lot of love as the character Chilbong, he expressed that “After the drama ended, I thought a lot about what character I will play next. I wanted to play a different character as well as my previous characters. Whistle Blower’s Shim Min Ho is a character that I’ve never played. Being a father of a daughter and a research team leader was interesting. After hearing the sunbae-nims who were cast, I thought that I certainly have to do this role.”

On this day, Yoo Yeon Seok confessed that upon being offered for roles, “I have read the script for ‘Whistle Blower’ but I decided to do ‘Reply 1994’ while having not read the script. I was relieved that it did well”. Yoo Yeon Seok added “When the offer came to me, there was no doubt to worry about. I really liked it that I could work together with the members I wanted to work with.”

Yoo Yeon Seok stated that he decided to accept the role believing in Director Im Sun Rye and his sunbae Park Hae Il. He was especially happy having to work with Park Hae Il. “I’d give my chemistry with Yoo Yeon Seok a 9 out of 10. Yoo Yeon Seok was completely immersed with his character in this movie”, Park Hae Il commented.

 photo e08ac00d-e506-4ecd-ab3f-b6df968da278.jpg

About acting as a father for the first time, Yoo Yeon Seok said “Having to act as a father with a daughter was burdensome. Aside from the great motivation that the character Shim Min Ho has, it’s because of the love and warm heart for his daughter. I think this is a character that an actor would once want to try. But having tried it, it wasn’t easy.”

He continued, “Park Hae Il sunbaenim has a daughter of around the same age, so I received a lot of inspiration.” With this, Park Hae Il commented, “Congratulations on having to act as a father. Because you’re still young, I hope that you take the married man role slowly. When you’ve done it once, they’ll keep coming to you.” Yoo Yeon Seok replied while laughing “I will listen to Sunbae and think about married man roles again. Next time, I will do roles that match my age.”

On the filming set, Yoo Yeon Seok was nicknamed “Chatterbox”. What could be the reason of this? Yoo Yeon Seok explained, “Park Hae Il sunbae doesn’t talk a lot during filming. So as a co-worker, I think that I should talk more. And because my character isn’t a light role, it was burdensome. After the filming ends (each day), I think I released my stress through words.”

When asked his thoughts about acting as a married couple with Ryu Hyun Kyung, Yoo Yeon Seok responded, “I’ve been on many productions with Ryu Hyun Kyung, so we’ve became close. If we were to play a married couple, I wonder if we could be as comfortable with each other. We are very comfortable with each other and know each other well, so I think that the burden won’t be very huge. She’s naturally a good actress and we work in sync to each other, so the way I see it, I think we’re going to be paired well together.”

On the other hand, Yoo Yeon Seok when asked about his relationship with Director Im Sun Rye, “She has a smile of a mom. That’s why during the filming, I leaned on her a lot”. The MC asked “What do you think about calling Director Im Sun Rye ‘Mom’?” Yoo Yeon Seok then called her with a bright smile “Mom~” making the people at the hall burst into laughter.

 photo 9fdedb1e-7496-4fc9-9639-6143a0dba879.jpg

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Whistle Blower’ hits theaters in Korea on the 2nd of October. Please look forward to it!

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Picture sources: various news portals as tagged and Whistle Blower’s Official Facebook


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