[20140911] Youth Over Flowers revelations

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Is?! Isn’t?!

1. In “Youth Over Flowers – Laos” they were given the least amount of money?!

“In all of the ‘Over Flowers’ series, they had the least travelling money. Each person was allocated 30,000won per day, and that was to include accommodation, transport, and of course underwear, bags and other stuff that they had to buy.” – Shin Hyo Jung PD

2. In “Youth Over Flowers – Laos” there is a thief of women’s hearts?!

“Due to the 40degree celcius temperature, the three guys stripped off a lot. In reality, the guys have confidence in their bodies. We are contemplating at the moment, how much we will show of how much they exposed themselves.” – Shin Hyo Jung PD

3. In “Youth Over Flowers – Laos” there is a unexpected character?!

“The star with who changed the most through travelling and showed his emotional ups and downs was Son Ho Jun. To be frank, he has an idiotic charm. He shows the simple side of a person who has never travelled before.” – Na Young Seok PD

4. “Youth Over Flowers – Laos” isn’t touching?!

“In the Laos episodes, it isn’t at all touching. They worry about things which we wonder if they’re worth worrying over, and then forget those worries, thereby painting the picture of what it is like to be young. In the series, these episodes will show the most dynamic configuration and happenings.” – Shin Hyo Jung PD

5. In “Youth Over Flowers” there is a true answer regarding youth?!

“In ‘Grandpa’s over Flowers’, one of the seniors Shin Goo, said ‘I wish I did this when I was young’. We wanted to show once, what the true meaning to being youthful was like, and so we challenged ourselves through the Laos episodes”- Na Young Seok PD

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