[20140913] ‘Reply 1994’s Son Ho Joon says only Dohee called him on his birthday and more on ‘Youth Over Flowers’

tvN’s ‘Youth Over FLowers’ kicked off their new adventure, this time featuring ‘Reply 1994’ actors Son Ho Joon, Baro, and Yoo Yun Suk.

On this day, the men’s management gave amusing statements on their celebrities during the interview with the show’s staff. Son Ho Joon’s manager stated, “Son Ho Joon never went vacationing overseas. Until recently, he thought you needed a passport to go to Jeju Island.” Does anyone suddenly recall that scene in ‘Reply 1994’ when he kept asking Yoo Yun Suk’s character about flying overseas?

In addition, Baro’s agency said in response to his sudden trip to Laos, “He must always do makeup. If he doesn’t, his skin is not that great.”

When the three stars met up for what they thought was a simple advertisement together, Son Ho Joon expressed his disappointment with his former ‘Reply 1994’ cast members, saying, “Turned out no one called me for my birthday. Only Dohee called me.”

Yoo Yun Suk replied, “How did Dohee know about your birthday to call?” Son Ho Joon said, “If you just look on the internet, it comes out.” Yoo Yun Suk said, “Why would I look up your name? I don’t even look up my name,” bringing laughs.

The three were then whisked off to Laos for a surprise vacation with no warning whatsoever as their managers and agencies had kept this show a secret from them. See how their vacation turns out by tuning in for the show every Friday!

Lifted from allkpop


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