Excerpts from Youth Over Flowers Episode 11

Eventually, all good things must (come to an) end.

With the broadcasting of episode 11 as a director’s cut special, Youth Over Flowers Laos Team’s traveling journey has finally came into an end. We might have wanted to see more of the trio laughing, teasing each other, spilling secrets and swimming in another 120-minute episode. But what can we say? Nevertheless, Na PD has closed the chapter with nice messages. If you are young, do what Baro has said “I have to grab youth, youth won’t grab me”. But if you are not, follow what Yeonseok has rightly pointed out, “We can travel no matter how old we are.”

Excursion to Tham Jang
Getting Ready to Party in Vang Vieng

Credits to TvN

Hope we get to see you three again in another show, Yeon Seok, Hojun and Baro!

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