[20141016] Yoo Yeon Seok, “I Felt My Limit As An Actor Because Of My Appearance”

He responded his appearance to a question asking “What is your weakness?” and soon after he added “If I look more individualized, I could have gotten famous.” From what he said, his past unknown 10 years could be judged.

There was a point for him that he raised his voice. It was high enough to blow off his exhaustion for the last 3 days of the interview.

“It would be good if my movie has a good box-office record. But, I don’t make a decision on my work only with its commercial success.”

During the interview, he delivered his thoughts and opinions in a gentle and appropriate way. His behavior caused the question “You don’t look too greedy”.

He tried to say his choice on the work would be the same no matter what as he kept saying “rather than its result” and “despite of its success”. He was just as composed before the premiere of ‘Whistle Blower’.

At An Injustice Situation, What Would Yoo Yeon Seok Do?

The movie ‘Whistle Blower’ was sensitive and responsible. It is a story about the truths of an ongoing investigation. Even the director said he hesitated in making the film.

In the movie, Yoo Yeon Seok played a stem cell researcher, Shim Min Ho. He became one of the title roles with Park Hae Il, who is a role model for Yoo Yeon Seok.

Most people would still remember the scene where he said “I came all the way here as I left everything” with a quivering voice. The quote reflected his inner conflict and personality. What would Yoo Yeon Seok do in the situation, not as Shim Min Ho?

It was our misunderstanding that it would be awkward if he took a father role. Although he had no experience of being a father, his acting was perfect, and this became an opportunity to prove that he has many faces.

“I worried a lot in the beginning. I told this to the director and he told me that the worries of ‘Whistle Blowers’ would support his acting. As I tried hard, the father role had melted in me naturally.”

“I Don’t Regret My Past 10 Years”

Many people put his photo as wallpapers on their phones these days. In 1990s, notebook pad was the index of popularity and in 2000s, cellphone background is the one.

According to people’s life pattern with their cellphones, Yoo Yeon Seok stays in most people’s lives for 24 hours. He thinks public interest in him came from his character ChilBong in ‘Reply 1994’.

Since he became popular, there should be some changes after he showed up as ChilBong in ‘Reply 1994’.

“I should be changed and will be. But, most of all I think people’s attention and expectations have changed. I just finished one drama and there are a lot of suggestions of other works and advertisements. But, I will just live as I have been.”

As we looked at his attitude, we thought of other people’s words of him saying that he is an upright person. As others said, he was. It was the 10th anniversary of his debut last year is not in his twenties anymore.

“I became so sure that the past 10 years were not wrong as I aged. I can surely tell I’ve lived well for the past 10 years without regret. If I live as I’ve lived so far, I will not regret my thirties when I go into my forties.” (photo by bntnews DB)

[Article by Park Yoon Jin, translated by Woorim Ahn, photo by Jang Moon Sun]
Lifted from bntnews.co.uk

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