The Tailors: Trailer and Character Poster

Retaining the Korean title as 상의원 (sanguiwon), Yoo Yeon Seok’s newest movie is now officially titled <The Tailors>, only a slight departure from previous title of <Royal Tailor>. Slated to hit the big screen on December 2014, the movie releases its first ever trailer along with character poster. Check the video on Daum.

 photo YYSRoyalTailorMoviePoster.jpg

Following the official release of movie trailer and character poster, KingKong Official facebook page updated their status with a combined character poster and gave us another hint on Yoo Yeon Seok’s King character.

[#FILM #YooYeonSeok #‪‎유연석‬ #TheTailors]
“In the palace, there has never been a time where anything has belonged to me”
Are you curious about the actor Yoo Yeon Seok who had transformed into ‘A king who dreams of a perfect love”? ♡_♡
The poster for the movie <The Tailors>, which will be opening this coming December, has been released 

tailor charac poster

Translation by : Lunagal
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Get your time turner ready, YeoNizens.

Coz we’re gonna go back to Joseon Dynasty era to watch the King (Yoo Yeon Seok) who dreams of a perfect love and his Queen (Park Shin Hye) embroiled in a sticky situation with two Royal Tailors (played by Go Soo and Han Seok Kyu). And if you read somewhere before about the King having a cold temperament, guess the spoiler is also spot on because who doesn’t get goosebumps upon seeing the death glare sent by King Yoo Yeon Seok toward the end of the trailer?

We all do here.

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