[20141211] Yoo Yeon Seok trapped in mixed feeling for his role as a King in “The Tailor”

Actor Yoo Yeonseok has revealed his burden and pride on acting as a King from Joseon period on movie “The Tailor”.

In the movie’s premiere screening for media which was held yesterday at Konkuk University Lotte Cinema, Seoul, the actor was asked about his feeling when wearing the King’s attire during the filming and if there was a burden for King’s role. The actor who gained popularity after his role as Chilbong in drama “Reply 1994″ answered that he rather has mix feeling for the role.

“I feel flattered as I can wear the King’s attire. Thanks to this movie project I finally got a change to wear the royal attire. When I was doing my scene inside one of the palace in Seoul, I especially has a weird feeling. It might be a joy as I feel like a real King,” said the actor.

However, He also feel the burdensome in recreating a king from Joseon dynasty. “What I most concern is how to show to movie viewers; the lifestyle of the king, and how he act in front of his surrounding. I’m afraid if I will make the wrong image. That’s the most difficult thing from this role,” he ended.

“The Tailor” is a historical movie which follows a story of Lee Gongjin, a tailor who works for royal family. The movie features actor Go Soo as Lee Gongjin, veteran Han Seokgyu as the head of tailor Jo Dolseok, Yoo Yeonseok as the King, and Park Shin Hye as the queen. The movie is set to premier on December 24.

Lifted from ttwigo


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