[20141218] Twitter Fan Chat

@11aprile11: @Yeonseok411 In #TheTailors, I would like to know what was the first dialogue on your first scene. XD
@Yeonseok411: @11aprile11 on the first filming of The Tailors, It was a scene where the king was sitting in the palace, suddenly the concubine came and thoughtlessly undid her jeogori*. And at that time, my first dialogue was “Euhahahahaha”. Hahaha.

*Korean traditional upper garment

@miosaerom: @Yeonseok411 In #TheTailors, other than the outfit that the king wore, among all of the outfits, what was the outfit that you wanted to the point that you want to keep it?
@Yeonseok411: @miosaerom Somehow, I want to own the King’s symbolical royal robe. And I also want to have the very awesome colorful hunting outfit!

@shsm1225: @Yeonseok411 If you would rate #TheTailors, how many stars would you give?
@Yeonseok411: @shsm1225 Of course, 5 stars!!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

@yys0411_: @Yeonseok411 Hello, your majesty! I came to see The Tailors in advance, yesterday on the premiere! If the movie passed 5 million views, and there would be a director’s cut, is there a scene that you totally want to be included in it? I wish that the movie would reach 5 million views^_^! #TheTailors #YooYeonSeok
@Yeonseok411: @yys0411_ there was this one scene of the King and the Queen which was edited out. The king personally prepared BukRyeong* tea to give the Queen, and she drank it all at once without knowing it’s hot, and then the dialogue was “Next time, I’d like it to be Shikhye*…” ^^ After this scene, Shinhye nicknamed me “BukRyeong tea”.

*BukRyeong tea = Poria Cocos tea
*Shikhye = Sweet rice drink

@bini2785: @Yeonseok411 If like the lonely king in the movie, you got to like a woman who was close to becoming the girlfriend of a family member or friend, what choice would you make? #TheTailors
@Yeonseok411: @bini2785 They were close to becoming the girlfriend of a family member or friend, but they didn’t so… Currently if there was a connection between us, I don’t think the past would be that important ^^

@JuWon_8863: @Yeonseok411 Do you have any special memory on a Christmas? If none, what’s a miracle that you wish to happen on Christmas? #TheTailors #YooYeonSeok
@Yeonseok411: @JuWon_8863 I wish The Tailors would hit 1 million viewers on Christmas~~!!!^^

@jyb1a4u: @Yeonseok411 Your role in #TheTailors was a King. What would you do if you became a king in real life? #TheTailors fighting!
@Yeonseok411: @jyb1a4u if I became a King in real life… I want to enjoy a one-course royal meal to my heart’s content~!!!

@yys0411_: @Yeonseok411 I was going to watch a movie on Christmas Eve with my friend, but I have a problem! ㅠㅅㅠ what would be good to watch??! Please choose! (1) #The Tailors (2) Go home alone.
@Yeonseok411: @yys0411_ Beep! Correct answer! #1 The Tailors!!! Kekeke.

@_840411: @Yeonseok411 The scene in #TheTailors where you ride the horse was really awesome… (Fell in love ❤ o ❤ ) Before watching the movie, I didn’t know that I will see a galloping scene that fast. It was at an immense speed, so I’m curious if you weren’t scared and if you are okay as you were injured while filming. (Don’t get hurt/sick, Your Majesty! T^T)
@Yeonseok411: @_840411 having to personally ride the horse at a full speed for real, honestly I did, was scared of falling off. But I wanted to act while riding the horse personally^^ And the kick of the horse shoe on my shin is not severe now. Somehow, I must have strong bones. Kekeke.

@leeys760: @Yeonseok411 In #TheTailors, is there a dialogue that you remember the most? I’m curious what is it, and why~ May The Tailors reach 5 miillion views!
@Yeonseok411: @leeys760 At the latter half of The Tailors, when the four lead roles met together, during the dialogue between the King and the Queen, “Quuueeen!!!!!!” that was the most memorable dialogue for me^^ I believe that there are various hidden meanings to that dialogue.

@tsubuyaku_irine : @Yeonseok411 Please write an acrostic poem using Sanguiwon (The Tailors) ^^ #TheTailors
@Yeonseok411: @tsubuyaku_irine ‘Sang’ Much more than I imagine, ‘Ui’ Please watch The Tailors, ‘Won’ If you want, on December 24 at the theaters, Gogossing!!

Thank you for sending a lot of questions today~! I couldn’t reply to all of you, so with a regretful heart, here is a selca instead~~^^ I ask for a lot of support and interest for The Tailors~^^

Translation by : Tokkipanda and Lunagal
Brought to you by Yeoniverse ~ Yoo Yeon Seok IFC


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