[20150325] Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora Confirmed to Lead Drama “Warm and Cozy”

After successfully capturing hearts (and breaking them as well) with his portrayal of Chilbongie in late 2013, Yoo Yeon Seok is set to return to dramaland by taking his first leading role in drama alongside Kang Sora in the new drama by Hong Sisters’ “Warm and Cozy“. This would be the first time for both of them to work together as a couple. The drama will be the reunion of witers Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran with Park Hong Gyun PD after their 2011 drama, “The Greatest Love”.

 photo warmandcozycouple.jpg

Previously titled ‘Jejudo Gartsby’, the drama will follow the life of Baek Geon Woo, the owner and chef of the restaurant ′Warm and Cozy,′ and Lee Jung Joo, clothing company employee of five years. Baek Geon Woo, played by Yoo Yeonseok, is an inteligent yet romantist man who moved to Jeju island for he sole reason of opening a restaurant because the girl he likes lives in Jeju. While Baek Geon Woo came to Jeju by choice, Kang Sora’s character Lee Jung Joo ended up in Jeju at the opposite end since she is portrayed as a struggling working-class girl who had to move to Jeju to support her family after losing her job and her boyfriend in Seoul.

Excited to see the couple set your screen on fire? You might need to wait until May since the drama which is set in scenic Jeju Island will premiere in MBC after the completion of Angry Mom.

In the meantime, we will let you imagine what dish you would want chef Yoo Yeon Seok made for you ^_^

 photo chef yoo yeonseok3.jpg

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