Throwback Post: Youth 0ver Flowers

YeoNiverse: Do you remember what happened in September last year?



The moment the Laos trip was announced, we believe that all Yoo Yeon Seok, Baro and Hojun fans were cheering. Cheering for another chance to see the trio on our screens again. Cheering for the chance to see their bromance and real life personalities. Squeeing while being all happy and giddy..

For us, Youth Over Flowers Laos edition presented us not only the opportunity to see our beloved actor back on screen, but also a golden opportunity to work with the forever amazing Banasubbers. We agreed to work to sub the amazing show and committed to do it as a team. We spent hours working on subbing, timing and encoding the video before finally releasing it for all of you to enjoy.

The result of this amazing teamwork?

YeoNiverse and Banasubbers proudly present you the english subtitled videos of Youth Over Flowers, Laos Edition

||  Episode 7 ||


|| Episode 8 ||

|| Episode 9 ||


|| Episode 10 ||

|| Episode 11||


There are no words good enough to express how happy we were to work with Banasubbers. This was our first subbing collaboration and we didn’t expect that we exceeded our wildest dream of actually completing the project, and sharing it with all of you. And to have you all cheering for our work on top of that. Thank you, wonderful people..

Banasubbers and YeoNizens.. you are the best!!

*grab tissue*

*watch the videos again*

*patiently waiting for Yoo Yeon Seok’s return as chef*

All videos are proudly presented by the joint subbing team from Yeoniverse and Banasubbers.


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