[20150420] Official Posters and Update on Yoo Yeon Seok’s Perfect Proposal

Yoo Yeon Seok’s movie with Im Soo Jung gets a new airing date on top of a new English title. Previously titled “Secret Temptation”, the movie is now officialy renamed “Perfect Proposal”. The movie was scheduled to hit the theater in May 2015. But it appeared later that the movie’s screening schedule was pushed back to June. To be exact, 4 June 2015.

Also new are the movie posters (Hooray!!)

 photo perfect proposal 1.jpg
 photo perfect proposal 2.jpg

With the release of the official posters, official trailer is also made public on naver. Check the video here or here. If you are having a hard time accessing both links to the trailer, you can always go back to the trailer / news video released in February.

Video credited to [YYS]꽃고비

And  to excite you more, here are the still cuts of the movie!

 photo perfectproposalstill3.jpg
 photo perfectproposalstill1.jpg
 photo perfectproposalstill2.jpg
 photo perfectproposalstill5.jpg
 photo perfectproposalstill6.jpg
 photo perfectproposalstill4.jpg

picture credits to CJ Entertainment


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