[20150429] Yoo Yeon Seok’s Perfect Proposal Released Chilling Stills

More haunting stills from Yoo Yeon Seok’s upcoming movie ‘Perfect Proposal’ were released earlier today. The still cuts show a (rather) chilling chemistry between Sung Yeol (Yoo Yeon seok) and Ji-yeon (Im Soo Jung). The two characters entangled themselves in a dangerous game after he tempted her with a deal that could transform her from a women in destitute situation into the richest women in Macau. The tempation offer secretly made by Sung Yeol, the secretary to Kim Seok Goo (Lee Kyeong Young), to Ji Yeon will break or make every character’s destiny in this so-called crime melodrama.

 photo perfectproposalstill4_1.jpg
 photo perfectproposalstill2_1.jpg
 photo perfectproposalstill1_1.jpg
 photo perfectproposalstill3_1.jpg

Perfect Proposal is said to be a modern version of “Cinderella” which is based on the original “Straw Woman”. The still cuts were released in anticipation of the movie opening in 4 June 2015.

Original picture credits to Perfect Proposal Facebook Page


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