Yoo Yeon Seok Is A Blooming Gentleman for Trugen

Styled by Kim Ji Hye, Yoo Yeon Seok made a return with Trugen to show the world what a bloom for gentleman means. He appears in the Trugen 2015 Summer / Spring catalogue loooking dapper and fabulous.

The catalogue was officially released few months back but we never got the chance to share with you the whole of it. Check them out here now, thanks to Agency Garten

 photo trugenbloom1.jpg
 photo trugenbloom2.jpg
 photo trugenbloom3.jpg
 photo trugenbloom4.jpg
 photo trugenbloom5.jpg
 photo trugenbloom6.jpg
 photo trugenbloom7.jpg
 photo trugenbloom8.jpg
 photo trugenbloom9.jpg
 photo trugenbloom10.jpg
 photo trugenbloom11.jpg
 photo trugenbloom12.jpg
 photo trugenbloom13.jpg
 photo trugenbloom14.jpg


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