[20150508] Yoo Yeon Seok Sprouts Cheesy Lines in Warm and Cozy’s Latest Promo

As you all know, the press conference of Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora’s drama Warm and Cozy is scheduled today, Friday 8 May 2015 at 1 PM KST. To bring more hype to the drama, MBC and Yoo Yeon Seok official facebook page have released individual pictures simultaneously prior to the conference.

First, Yoo Yeon Seok shared a picture of him getting dolled up behind the stage. We never get to know the occassion but the picture tells us loud and clear that Warm and Cozy is coming in 5 days!!

 photo wacd5.jpg

[‪#‎맨도롱또똣‬ ‪#‎유연석‬ ‪#‎YooYeonSeok‬ ‪#‎백건우‬]
MBC 새 수목미니시리즈 <맨도롱 또똣>
다음 주 수요일(13일) 밤 10시 첫 방송♡
오늘부터 D-5 ★

[‪#‎WarmandCozy‬ ‪#‎유연석‬ ‪#‎YooYeonSeok‬ ‪#‎BaekGeunWoo‬]
MBC Wednesday – Thursday Miniseries
The first broadcast is next week on the 13th at 10 PM♡
From today D-5 ★

Soon after, MBC released a new poster of Chef Baek Geun Woo. The picture is placed under “Today’s Menu” header, and since this is the first we got to see him in action, he has kindly welcome us to his kitchen with some slightly cheesy greeting.

 photo wacposter.jpg

It’s the 1st time you come to our restaurant right?
Did you come to see me or to taste my cooking?

Came with the picture is hands down the cheesiest promotional poem ever. We would never know who actually wrote this but for sure, man of show like Baek Geun Woo can come up with this line as easy as drinking water. And my oh my, this poem is dedicated not to Jeong Joo, but more to us, the audience.

이유가 뭐든지, (whatever the reason id)
일단 앉아. (please take a sit first)

바로 거기, (right there)
내가 잘 보이는 곳 말야 .(there where you can see me clearly)

요리 하는 남자에 대한 로망이 있다구?
(You say you have a fantasy about man who can cook?)
훗 – (hush)

넌 아마 이번 봄부터 나땜에 힘들어 질거야.(Most likely from this spring onward, you will be suffering because of me)
매주 수, 목요일 밤 (Every  Wednesday and Thursday night)
내가 널 위해 요리하고, (I will cook for you)
넌 날 위해 먹고, (You will eat for me)
날 보기 위해 밤 잠 설치고, (You will lose sleep to see me)
날 만나기 위해 제주에 와야 할테니까! (because you will have to come to Jeju Island in order to meet me!)

기대해. (Anticipate it)
당장 다음주 수요일 부터라구.
(It’s from this coming Wenesday)
널 위한 나의 첫 번째 요리가 뭘지 궁금하지? (You are curious what the first dish I’m going to create for you will be, right?)

Get your food list ready YeoNizen, coz who knows what food he’s going to cook for us next week ^_^

Poem and picture are credited to MBC
Translation by YeoNiverse



One thought on “[20150508] Yoo Yeon Seok Sprouts Cheesy Lines in Warm and Cozy’s Latest Promo”

  1. Go home, cheesy Chef Baek Geon Woo. You are one embarrassing fella and this cheesy (promo) poem takes the cake.

    …but I’m loving it because it gave me a good laugh. Baek Geon Woo stop!

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