Baek Geun Woo Character Description 

Baek Geonwoo / Yoo Yeon Seok
19 Years old/ 29 Years old.

Geonwoo’s mother, Baek Seyoung had three children with different fathers. The first child is his big brother ‘Song Jeong Geun’. He is the son of a rich man who his mother married through an arranged marriage. His big brother is a CEO of Daeseong resort, and is crazy about making money. The second child is his older sister, ‘Cha Hee Ra’ who her mother gave birth with a movie actor father through a flaming kind of love. Her older sister is crazy about love. She has a new guy every time the seasons change. The third child is Geon Woo who was born from an extramarital affair. His mother never tells her who his father is. When he was a child, he had heard that he resembles some famous athlete. Because of his unique good looking appearance, he had also heard that he is a half foreigner. After his mother’s second divorce, he suspects every man that his mother had “something” with.

Currently, he is a chef at a restaurant called ‘Warm And Cozy’ at a village in Jeju. The reason why he opened a restaurant in Jeju was because the girl he likes is living there. After that girl, Mok Ji Won, had left Jeju his business also became quiet. Because of that, he wanted to immediatly sell ‘Warm And Cozy’ leaving it as it is.

He is a guy who’s lives seeking only what he enjoys and what he likes. He’s straightforward and if you stop him from his pace… Oddly, he has this charm that you can’t even hate.

Source: MBC

Translated by Tokkipanda
Brought to you by YeoNiverse – YYS IFC


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