[20150510] Yuhan Kimberly Goodfeel’s Cotton Boy Campaign Recognized by Effie

 photo goodfeel collage.jpg
Actor Yoo Yeon-seok appears in the “Pure love story with 100-percent cotton boy” digital campaign. The campaign won a bronze award in the 2015 Effie Awards, Thursday. / Courtesy of Yuhan Kimberly

By Park Si-soo

Yuhan Kimberly Goodfeel’s “Pure love story with 100-percent cotton boy” campaign won a bronze award in the category of cosmetics/sanitation products at the 2015 Effie Awards, Thursday.

The Effie Awards are marketing communication honors conferred annually by Effie Worldwide, a non-profit organization, to recognize the most effective marketing communications ideas.

“The winning of the award is a great accomplishment and very meaningful for GOODFEEL,” a Yuhan Kimberly official said, referring to the firm’s sanitary pad brand.

The campaign has appealed to customers with a message that GOODFEEL provides “true emotional care” for women in a different and intimate way, just like a “real boyfriend,” according to the official.

Those registered to the campaign can receive various care services through one’s smartphone, including Fluffy Cheering, Cottony Morning Call, Soft Healing Food and Tender Song.

A special discount coupon is delivered to registered users before their menstruation period, encouraging them to buy GOODFEEL while shopping.

“Emotional content to reflect key product features successfully highlighted the sincerity and premium quality of the product,” the company said in a statement. “Additionally extended to offline, the ‘real date with cotton boy’ was held as the finale with a variety of care programs; cotton scrub class, sweet song stage and healing food among others.”

The firm said the campaign had received many positive responses from customers, including more than 1 million views of a promotional video.

“The campaign has enabled GOODFEEL to build strong emotional ties with users,” the official said. “We will try hard to keep our No.1 position.

News courtesy of Korean Times, with original news link HERE


If you wish to replay the Yoo Yeon Seok’s sweet messages and aegyo plus fake baking, here’s the subbed videos by YeoNiverse.. There are 6 of them and we truly admit that the campaign was done very well .

Subbed videos brought to you by Yeoniverse ~ Yoo Yeon Seok IFC


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