[20150515] Beauty Inside to Screen at Cannes’ Marche du Film 2015

Held annually in conjunction with Cannes Film Festival, Marche du Film (The Market Film) is a unique meeting environment where film industry professionals can meet, discover or debuts their films to the world. Hundreds of films in different genres are screened in 34 screening rooms which are located in two venues: Riviera and Lerins. 

 photo beautyinsidemarche.png

Yoo Yeonseok’s newest movie Beauty Inside is scheduled to have its premiere screening at Marche du Film on 15 May 2015 at Lerins 2. If you happen to be in Cannes, you may wish to visit the movie booth to get more info at Riviera E10. If not, Cinando has shared a more detailed plot of the 127-minute romance fantasy movie.

What would you do if you woke up with a new face every day? Woo-jin, a man who designs furniture for a living, is used to this. An elderly man, a little boy, a chubby woman, a foreigner, Woo-jin has grown accustomed to his super-natural “situation.” The only people that know of his illness are his mother and his best friend Sang-baek. One day, he meets Yi-su, a girl who works for a furniture store, and instantly falls in love with her. Since his physical identity changes frequently, he continues to visit her daily, acting as a customer that she has never seen before. Woo-jin finally musters up the courage to talk to her and ask her out on a date. The perfect date passes by and Woo-jin, knowing that his face will change once he falls asleep, attempts to stay awake for as long as he can. He meets Yi-su for three consecutive days and Yi-su also falls in love with him. However, Woo-jin can no longer fight sleep. He passes out and wakes up with a new face. Will Woo-jin tell Yi-su about his condition? What will Yi-su think?

Now now.. Don’t you wonder who will get to play the Woo Jin who managed to get a date with Yi Su? We might have to wait until more reviews are up or the day it helds public screening in Korea. 

For more information on the Film Market, visit their official website HERE.


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