Warm and Cozy Episode 2: Excerpts, Highlights and Screencaps

Episode 2 has concluded its run and now it’s time for some highlights! Unlike the previous post, we want to let you know first what we think about this episode before we indulge deeper with the videos.

– Warm and Cozy is a simple romantic drama. A story of two normal people finding who they are and falling in love with each other. There is no grand gesture of romance (yet). Instead, we may find that the gesture of kindness and cavity-inducing sweetness could well be a strong foundation in love and life. In real life, the story of warm and cozy might be your neighbors’ romantic journey (except Baek Geun Woo’s chaebol status of course). It’s an easy breezy warm drama. Expect no more.

– It is getting apparent that Warm and Cozy relies heavily on characters, not necessarily plots. As the result, some might find it endearing because all the characters will be fleshed out. You might ended up liking them to bits or want to kick them out of your screen. Of course, every choice has its own consequence. Without heavy plot, an episode can be less thrilling because the story will be told through the characters’s growth and interaction with each other. The pace could be slower. Editing will be the key to ensure that the story is told perfectly (which is not really the case in the second episode). For non-Korean speakers, watching with subs will give more satisfaction because the strong point of the episode will be on the banter, conversation, meta jokes and twisted imagination.

 photo wac21.jpg

– Baek Geun Woo may be an air-head playful manchild, but he has a kind and endearing personality. Unlike the hanyeos (the diving ladies) who hates BGW with burning passion, audience like us can easily fall for his charm and sweetness. Who won’t be swooning if you have a male lead who offers his leading lady three things at once when she is sad. Yes, BGW did just that. When LJJ sat on the beach sand crying over her sad life, he offers her hug and allows her to make him her punching bag. When that didn’t work, he offered her a 30% discount at his restaurant. He ensured her by saying that he doesn’t say empty words and told her to come quickly before he change his mind. When finally LJJ could not eat because she was busily running to catch her cousin, he packed her a bottle of seaweed soup because it’s her birthday (and his birthday too!). aawwww… At the end of the episode, he helped her getting her wish to see sunrise in Jeju, citing he wanted to do it too. They barely made it because they dozed off in his car. It’s cute how he is so nice to her at this stage, most likely because of his hillariously false assumption of LJJ having terminal illness.

 photo wac22.jpg
 photo wac23.jpg
 photo wac24.jpg

– Okay, this will sound repetitive to the previous one, but BGW should be labelled as well as the busy body. Yes, he is kind and all to JJ, but he is also trying to stick his nose on every other business JJ has. He ran to her when she was catching her cousin. Helping her, albeit in scaredy cat mode, when she was screaming in fear of snake. He went looking for her at the mayor office as well. Guess BGW is one hell of a busy body.

– Baek Geun Woo and Lee Jeong Joo are neighbors!!! The dilapidated rucksack she now has to call her home is located just next to Baek Geun Woo’s house. He even gave her the key to his house and told her to use his house as she pleases.

– Jeong Joo is a rational and very calculated heroine. This is not your everyday heroine because let’s admit, she is brave enough to move back to Jeju. She admits to BGW that she has nothing left in Seoul. She went straight to her “new” house and went all positive after seeing chinese tourists wandering around her house. Thinking her place might be a lucrative business spot. Plus she thinks that the mayor is a good catch. Funny thing because the mayor is actually a model for her former lingerie company. hahaha…

The episode ends with JJ and GW looking at the sunrise together. Will they ride into the sunset without much hurdle? Only the next episode can tell. For now, let’s enjoy the video excerpts from MBC

The ratings dipped lower for the second episode with 5.6% nationwide (11,5 % online). Regardless, the netizens’ comments are generally good for the episode so we are hoping that the story-telling and editing improve in many episodes to come.

All videos credit to MBC


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