[20150528] Perfect Proposal Q&A with Yoo Yeon Seok

On 28 May 2015, Yoo Yeon Seok sit with a laptop in front of him and answered audience’s questions on his latest movie, Perfect Proposal and some other topics. The Q&A event took place through the official facebook page of Perfect Proposal.

 photo FBevent1.jpg
 photo FBevent2.jpg
 photo FBevent3.jpg

For 20 minutes, he typed up answers to 7 questions which we had them translated for you here.

 photo FBevent4.jpg

Q : What do you think when you know that your partner in the movie is Im Soo Jung? How do you feel working with her? I am curious about your harmony
A : I’m really excited to work with her and we have more harmony that I expected. I had great time when working too.

 photo FBevent5.jpg

Q : You have acted in various genre. Is there a genre that you want to challenge?
A : Action?

 photo FBevent6.jpg

Q : Have you eaten?
A : I ate octopus bibimbab just now ^^

 photo FBevent7.jpg

Q : Which Sung Yeol’s personality that similar with yours?
A : Meticulous and very careful?

 photo FBevent8.jpg

Q : What things of women that will attract you the most? Appearance? Communication? Speaking manner? Intellect? Voice? Fashion style? Artistic Sense?
A : Scent? Smile?

 photo FBevent9.jpg

Q : Is there any the most memorable scene?
A : Waltz scene is more difficult than I thought ^^

 photo FBevent10.jpg

Q : What song do you often listen these days?
A : Warm and Cozy ost?^^

 photo FBevent11.jpg

Translation by YeoNiverse – YYS IFC



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