Behind The Scene Videos from the Set of ‘Warm and Cozy’

 photo 7C3AF2C9-3A2F-477C-A30A-D8EDBB121425.jpg

If someone ask what is the garnish for a drama, that would be its behind the scene (BTS) videos or photos. It gives viewers another layer of excitement in their watching experience as they get some glimpses on how the drama was made together. Warm and Cozy is no exception and MBC has been kind enough by regularly releasing the drama’s bts vidoes and photos.

Let’s check some of the BTS videos of Warm and Cozy!

Video 1: (Angel) Yoo Yeon Seok prepares coffee for crew and staff on set. He is seen grinding the coffee beans himself and later brewing it before serving. He is serving Americano but he said that he can make Latte as well. Can we say yes to that offer please?

Video 2: Baek Geun Woo realizing the ‘uncomfortable’ feeling he is having when he catches Lee Jeong Joo in her sleep. Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora are seen perfecting the fluttery scene at the expense of Yeon Seok’s back strain. Hahaha.. An old man already, huh?

Video 3: Yoo Yeon Seok, Kang Sora and Jin Young fight the forces of nature in form of strong wind and chilly weather to shot some scenes in episode 5.

All videos credit to MBC


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