[20150610] Points To Watch Out For In ‘Warm and Cozy’

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[by Sora Ghim] MBC ‘Warm and Cozy’ has released points to look out for during the second half of the drama.

As the drama heads into the latter half, the love lines of Baek Gun Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok)-Lee Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) and Song Jung Geun (Lee Sung Jae)-Kim Hae Sil (Kim Hee Jung) are heating up. Adding more to this fire is the love triangles with Hwang Wook (Kim Sung Oh) and Seo Yi Ahn (Mok Ji Won). Also clouded in mystery is the relationship of Kang So Ra’s father and Baek Gun Woo’s mother.

Here are points to look out for in this ‘Hong Sister’s’ romantic comedy.

No.1 Yoo Yeon Seok-Kang So Ra, “Is this the start of the ‘WooJoo Couple’ romance?!”

In the 8th episode, Gun Woo and Jung Joo shared an ‘unexpected hug,’ raising the anticipation of viewers. Gun Woo found out that Jung Joo isn’t ill and rather than be upset that he lent her his entire restaurant at a cheap price, he was relieved. Moreover, Jung Joo said, “You said you were mine till I died. But now what?” to which Gun Woo replied, ““I’ll keep being yours. Until death, I’m yours.” People wonder what will happen afterwards.

Lee Sung Jae-Kim Hee Jung, “How will the ‘JungShil’ couple overcome its greatest difficulty?”

Also in the same episode, a dark cloud overcame the Jung Geun and Hae Shil love line, disappointing many. After much thought, Jung Geun decided to invite Hae Shil to his party but Hae Shil was requested by the Promotional team to help with an event for the party. Not knowing what it was about, Hae Shli and the other divers went along and were instead humiliated. Falling into the resort swimming pool, Jung Geun appeared at that time. Hae Shil found out that Jung Geun was actually the owner of the resort and was cold to him. Unable to stop her, their relationship faces an obstacle as people focus on whether this terrible situation will be able to turn back.

Kim Sung Oh-Seo Yi Ahn, “Never let your guard down!”

The two love triangles, ‘Gun Woo-Jung Joo-Hwang Wook’ and ‘Gun Woo-Jung Joo-Ji Won’ are attracting attention. Hwang Wook and Ji Won will ambush Gun Woo and Jung Joo’s relationship as the two’s feelings grow for each other. In the 8th episode, Hwang Wook subtly confessed to Jung Joo, but Jung Joo didn’t realize as her head was filled with Gun Woo. However, Hwang Wook realized his feelings and started to appeal himself, shaking Jung Joo’s heart. On the other side, Ji Won keeps on getting bothered by Jung Joo who seems to be the reason Gun Woo keeps slipping out of her grasp. Hwang Wook and Ji Won have proved themselves to be great presences that can block Jung Joo and Gun Woo’s relationship.

Yoo Yeon Seok-Kang So Ra, “Who are their real parents?”

The mystery surrounding Gun Woo and Jung Joo’s parents will continue on in the second half of the drama. From the first episode, the relationship between Jung Joo’s father and Gun Woo’s mother was confusing. Moreover, novelist Bu Mi Ra (Kim Mi Jin) showed up with a picture of Jung Joo’s father and Gun Woo’s mother and tries to find out the behind story. Gun Woo’s sister Hee Ra (Ok Ji Young) tell Mi Ra not to write a story about her mother and Gun Woo’s father, hinting at a big clue. What is the actual relationship?

Meanwhile, ‘Warm and Cozy’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday. (photo by Bon Factory)

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