Warm And Cozy Episode 10 : Excerpts and Rating

Warm and Cozy continues to gain viewers as Baek Geun Woo and Lee Jeung Joo try to sort out their relationship. Lee Jeung Joo’s feeling is out in the open by episode 9 already but that’s certainly not the case of Baek Geun Woo. He wants her to continue liking her but has declared no intention in returning his feeling. At the same time, their mini-date and him acting all-boyfriend-ish doesn’t really help eliviate Jeung Joo’s and to some extend viewer’s frustation. Still, it hooked more viewers and bring an increase in rating from 8,1 % last episode to 8,8% this episode

Check the excerpts from MBC if you haven’t watched this episode or you simply want to watch the drama on the go

And before we forgot, the couple finally shared their first kiss this episode and MBC, one again, is kind enough to share the cut with full English translation. Check the video HERE. Oh in case you guys wonder, this is indeed the first episode where either Yoo Yeon Seok or Kang Sora appear to present Warm and Cozy’s special menu. Perhaps, liveshooting catch up pretty quickly.

Source: MBC and Naver

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