Warm and Cozy DVD Pre-Sales Demand Survey Opens For Public

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Pre-sales demand survey has begun for the release of k-drama Warm and Cozy’s director’s cut DVD. The survey is open for fans in Korea as well as fans from other countries in the world. The production team has provided overseas fans with information below on how to participate in the survey (original link HERE).



1. What is a director’s cut DVD? How is it different from the original?

A director’s cut DVD is a specially edited version of a drama by the director often with addition of deleted scenes.

2. What is pre-sales demand survey?

Prospective buyers can show their “interest” in purchasing the DVD.

3. Why is the survey necessary? Do I have to buy the DVD if I participate in the survey?

Production of a director’s cut DVD is different from that of an ordinary DVD because it requires extra process such as re-editing. Therefore, the production can only begin when a certain amount of demand is confirmed.

We encourage you to participate in the survey without any pressure because it is only a survey of who might be interested in purchasing the DVD. Actual orders will be taken separately when the required pre-sales demand is fulfilled.

4. How to participate in the pre-sales demand survey

Visit http://cafe.daum.net/mandorongDVD and click [★가수요신청/Pre-sales Survey]

Write NAME/CITY (COUNTRY for overseas buyers)/PHONE NO. (E-MAIL for overseas buyers)/PURCHASE QUANTITY (click the ‘lock’ icon for security)

*We ask for your name to prevent false or duplicate surveys.

5. Can I purchase Warm and Cozy DVD now?

Not yet. After the pre-sales demand survey is completed and decisions over the production are finalized, the director’s cut DVD of Warm and Cozy will be produced and released.

6. How long is the pre-sales demand survey period?

The survey will run for a limited time from June 18 to July 11. We’d greatly appreciate it if Warm and Cozy fans could help spread the word for the DVD production to be realized. Thank you!

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Based on our experience filling in the survey, fans need to have a daum account to participate. If you don’t have one, you may want to make an account by referring to information widely available on the net. You don’t need to be Korean citizen to get a daum account. Once you logged in and fill in the survey, don’t forget to click the security icon or tick (비밀) to protect your entry.

Update 25 June 2015

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Fans abroad who are having a trouble entering or creating an account in the project website in Daum can still participate in the pre-sales demand survey by sending your information in this format [your name/location/contact or email/quantity of purchase] to the  official email address of the production team [mandorongdvd@gmail.com]. Don’t forget to mention your preferance, DVD or Blu-ray or both.

For more information, you may check various social media for the Warm and Cozy DVD Release

Daum: http://cafe.daum.net/mandorongDVD
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mandorongdvd
Twitter : http://twitter.com/manddoDVD
Facebook : http://facebook.com/mandorongDVD

Warm and Cozy Hwaiting!!


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