Warm and Cozy Episode 13 : Preview

나한테 매달리고 싶으면 지금 제대로 말해

해실(김희정)의 남편을 죽게 만든 사람이 건우(유연석)의 아버지라는 것을 알게 된 정근(이성재)은 떠나려는 건우를 잡지 못한다. 건우의 비행기 티켓이 두 장이라는 것을 본 정주(강소라)에게 지원(서이안)은 건우 와 같이 떠난다고 하는데..

Episode 13
If you want to hang on to me, tell me properly right now

Jung Geun’s found out that the person who killed Hae-shil (Kim Hee Jung)’s husband is Geun Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok)’s father but he could not prevent Geun Woo from leaving. When Ji Won sees that Jeong Joo (Kang Sora) has seen that Geun Woo has 2 plane tickets, Ji Won (Seo Yi An) tells her that she is leaving together with Geun Woo..

Translation of Episode 13 video preview:

GW: Lee Jeong Joo, you lost to me again. I’m really bad right?
JG: Who is Jin Tae Yong?
HS: Thats the name of the person who caused my husband’s death.
Male Voice: Geun Woo’s father’s name is Jin Tae Yong?
JG: Geun Woo yah, I’m sorry to see you leave.
GW: If I leave, everything will be better.
JJ: There were definitely two tickets. Could it be that one of it is mine?
JW: Geun Woo is leaving and I’ve decided to leave together with him.
GW: If you want to do it, then you should do it properly. Like this (Geun Woo kisses Jeong Joo)
JJ: What you’re doing right now is like (asking me to tell you) not to go and cling on to you. Geun Woo yah if you want to hang on to me, tell me properly now.

Original post by iMBC HERE

Translation of video preview by kilaalaa at Soompi Forum (original post HERE)
Translation of text preview by YeoNiverse – YYS IFC



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