[20150808] On The Set : “Whistle Blower” Heads to Japan for Limited Screening and Some Insight Stories

After ‘The Royal Tailor’ reportedly secured a release date in Japan, now it is Yoo Yeon Seok’s other movie ‘Whistle Blower’ that will be making its way to the Japanese audience. The movie will be one of the four movies to be screened as part of World Extreme Cinema 2015 at Human Trust Cinema in Shibuya, Tokyo. The movie will get one week limited screening from 3 to 9 October 2015.

 photo whistleblower - japan.jpg

Still on Whistle Blower, YeoNiverse was contacted directly by Lady Miz Diva from TheDivaReview who shared with us her exclusive interviews with the directors of Yoo Yeon Seok movies, Whistle Blower and The Royal Tailor. Director Im Soo Rye and Director Lee Won Suk sit for interviews during New York Asian Film Festival 2015 to talk about all sort of things related to their movies and of course, our Yoo Yeon Seok is a must topic of discussion. We posted below part of TheDivaReview’s interviews that mention Yoo Yeon Seok.

Exclusive Interview with Im Soo Rye, The Director of Whistle Blower

LMD:   Your cast is excellent, but in particular I’m intrigued why you thought Yoo Yeon-seok would make a good Whistleblower character?  He’s usually either a lovable loser, or a very not-lovable loser.  He’s never played a father before, and here he’s a dad who adores his child and is worried about all children.

YS-r:  You’re very well-informed about Korean actors. {Laughs}  Actually, that part was the hardest to cast.  For the two main characters, we have very established and very well-known actors, who are Park Hae-il and Lee Geung-young.  So this {Whistleblower} character has smaller screen time and it’s not the main character, but still, we needed an actor who could portray subtle, internal pain and anguish.  So we were trying to cast from a pool of actors who were still a bit established and not people who were completely unknown.

To narrow down that pool and to find someone who was willing to act for that sort of screen time was sort of a challenge for us, but luckily, when we met Yeon-seok, he agreed to do it, because despite the small screen time, he looks up to Park Hae-il as a role model as an actor, and he just really, really wanted to have the chance to work alongside Park Hae-il. He agreed to do the role.

Exclusive Interview with Lee Won Suk, The Director of The Royal Tailor

LMD:  That leads me to ask about your king, Mr. Yoo Yeon-seok.

LW-s:  He’s a really nice guy, seriously he’s so sweet and he’s so funny, too.  On the set, everybody was so serious about shooting, and me and him {would be laughing} and my AD was telling me, “Please keep it down, they’re trying to act.”  He and I were making fun of each other.

LMD: That’s just it, he seems like a really sweet, nice person and he often plays very sweet, nice people, otherwise, he plays kind of one-dimensional, very mean people. The king has to go through the whole arc of being this pure-hearted guy who really loves Park Shin-hye’s character, who, as he grows more powerful, becomes twisted into someone ugly and hateful. What made you think that this nice guy could be effective?

LW-s: See, every person has complexes, from small things. When I read the script, the thing that I really liked was when he was young, his brother got everything: That scene with the beef? It was really a small scale {petty} guy who kept a grudge his whole life over beef. Who does that? But people do that – I do that!

All these people in this film have all these complexes inside, they carry it all the way through. And no one gets happy in this movie, it’s very conservative. The reason that I loved the script was everybody’s become so conservative. The way I felt was, I thought I was very crazy and wild, and then I got married and had my kid and I became really conservative, without knowing sometimes. Sometimes I’m like, “Really? Seriously? I said that? Oh my God, I acted like that?” My mind has become very conservative, trying to protect what I have. In this movie, everybody wants to protect what they have; the tailor wanted to keep his job, the king wants to keep his throne, the queen wants to be loved by the king. The only person that gets everything and is happy is Ko Soo’s character. He got what he wanted and he went to La La land.

TheDivaReview also shared with us just how kind Yoo Yeon Seok is. He personally authographed a photo for her and ensured that its rightful owner knows it. Aww…. that’s so kind of him.. It certainly made us proud to be part of his universe.

All in all, we are equally glad that Yoo Yeon Seok’s movies, both Royal Tailor and Whistle Blower got their chances to be screened for audiences in Japan. This exposure could boost his popularity in Japan, especially with him having an official Japanese fanclub. 

For more information on the movie’s screening in Japan, you can visit the website of WEC or Human Trust Cinema Shibuya. And if you wish to get to know more about TheDivaReview, you can visit the website and facebook page.


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