[20150910] Yoo Yeon Seok is Man Out of Manhwa for Trugen 

In Perfect Suit from Trugen, Yoo Yeon Seok transformed himself to a show stopper coming straight out of a comic book. He is the perfect epitome of a manhwa man with fair skin, gentle smile, and broad shoulder. He elevated his killer aura with red rose in hand, is readily capturing women’s hearts left and right.

 photo E1D83221-0107-4816-92FE-07C226FBF328.jpg
 photo 125F068C-1454-4518-9294-7FF2EE26C764.jpg photo 4FF3B87B-0270-40B1-8008-9B675F0BCAE2.jpg
 photo 2B822F8E-DA7B-469C-B56B-36857939CA71.jpg photo 5DFC1A12-0185-4C7C-ADE5-CE49F51B7DD8.jpg

The pictures from Trugen behind-the-scene photoshot were presented by KingKong Entertainment through Yoo Yeon Seok official facebook.


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