[20150914] Beauty Inside hits 2 millions admissions mark + watch 3 exclusive clips from the movie!

2 million admission

On September 14th, movie ‘Beauty Inside’ which has Yoo Yeon Seok acting as one of the many Woo Jin(s) and doing narration for, has achieved its 2 millions admissions at the box office. Congrats to the director, actors and actresses and the movie production team!

The movie has also released 3 (english subbed) exclusive clips from the movie online. In those interesting clips, we can hear Yoo Yeon Seok’s voice narrating the story.

The first clip “That’s It for Today”, serves as an introduction to Woo Jin’s character :

The second clip “She Won’t Recognize Me Tomorrow”, shows the part when Woo Jin fell for Yi Soo, and was contemplating on confessing :

And the third clip “Is He Your Son?” shows the part when Woo Jin and Yi Soo got together and she was trying to adjust to his ever changing outer self. When Woo Jin turns into a child, people mistaken him as Yi Soo’s son when they went on a dinner date.

And you can also read Allkpop’s review on the movie here. Those who are in the US, Canada and Taiwan, you can catch the movie in your select local cinemas starting September 11th, while Hong Kong fans can start watching it starting from September 24th. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch this interesting movie on the big screen near you!

Sources : Kobiz ; Well Go USA youtube ; Allkpop ; Well Go USA website


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