[20160221] Yoo Yeon Seok Updates Fans of His Trip to Hokkaido On Instagram

Guess he truly walks the talk.

In his recent interviews, Yoo Yeon Seok bemoaned of his wish to go on a trip once musical ‘Man Who Walk Through Walls’ completed. He mentioned his wish to surf in Bali or to vacation in Hokkaido with his friends, among others. He even mentioned a US trip since he never went there before.

Through rare combo posts on Sunday, 21 February, Yoo Yeon Seok reveals his final choice. He once again ventured to Japan for a winter vacation in Hokkaido.

#삿포로 에서 만난 #춤꾼 👍🏽💓

A post shared by 유연석 (@yoo_yeonseok) on

A ‪#‎dancer‬ I encountered in ‪#‎Sapporo‬ 👍💓

#홋카이도 여행에선 눈이 반갑다.

A post shared by 유연석 (@yoo_yeonseok) on

“So glad to see snow when vacationing in ‪#‎Hokkaido‬.” (at Lake Shikotsu)

이번 여행도 #디펜더 와 함께👍🏽

A post shared by 유연석 (@yoo_yeonseok) on

Together with #Defender again in my trip this time 👍

아 추워~☃❄️

A post shared by 유연석 (@yoo_yeonseok) on

 Ah cold~ ☃❄

Altough Yoo Yeon Seok does not post any picture of him and his friends this time around, one of his friend who goes with IG handler @jinju_sky posts a picture of himself and actor Yoo.

We, in Yeoniverse, glad to learn that he got a well-deserved vacation after stints of non-stop works since the shooting of ‘Mood of the Day” in 2014.  He looks so happy!!

Translation brought to you by Yeoniverse ~ Yoo Yeon Seok IFC



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