[YeoNiverse] (English Softsub) Mood of the Day (2016)

Dear fans,

YeoNiverse is happy to share with you the subtitle file for Yoo Yeon Seok’s and Moon Chae Won’s movie ‘Mood of the Day’!

It is all thanks to our awesome translator Tokkipanda who subbed the movie for us. We are so touched and very thankful towards her ❤❤ ❤ *tackles and hugs Tokkipanda*

(The sub isn’t 100% cuz according to our translator, a few of the technical terms used in the movie are rather hard to grasp but we hope you can enjoy 95% + of it ❤ )


[gif] 3

  • English Subtitles brought to you by Yeoniverse ~ Yoo Yeon Seok IFC
  • Translation and timing by Tokkipanda
  • Please do not rename, edit the credits out, hardsub or redistribute to your own YouTube accounts or other streaming sites.
  • Subtitle Download Link : [YeoNiverse Google Drive]
  • Raw videos links : [1] ; [2] (The sub is suitable for both versions)



15 thoughts on “[YeoNiverse] (English Softsub) Mood of the Day (2016)”

  1. thanks for the subs…lovely!
    btw do you happen to know the soundtrack for this movie especially the photograph song by ed sheeran, do you know who records the track?

  2. Hi! The download link isn’t working for me at all. They won’t open up as a video either? I’ve tried the raw ones too? Please help!!

    1. Hi there, the download link for the softsub is still working fine as we checked it just now. It won’t open up as a video because it’s just a subtitle file, not a subbed video. The raw video links provided are the links for torrent download ^^

      Do you wish to find the direct download link? Let us look for it and get back to you later, okay? 😀

      1. Yes please! Also was there a way I’m supposed to download it? Sorry i’m not the best at this :/

  3. Thank YeoNiverse for your hard work. I’ve been waiting this subs for several months ago. Hwaiting Admin 😀

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