Is Yoo Yeon Seok Living a Baek Geon Woo’s Life? 

We thought that “from reel life to real life” is applicable only in drama loveline shipping business. Who knows that it can be applied to the actor and his character. Do you know who confirms this theory? None other than our beloved Yoo Yeon Seok!!

Last year, Yoo Yeon Seok played a chef and restaurant owner Baek Geun Woo in MBC’s Warm and Cozy. A mere few months after the drama ended, Yoo Yeon Seok announced the opening of LUA Lounge which marks his first venture into culinary business. Fans are delighted (of course!) because they can simply make their way to Itaewon to visit LUA while hoping to catch the glimpse of their favorite actor. Aaannnddd.. they’re not dissapointed. Yoo Yeon Seok is frequently seen in LUA and instagram can tell you just how many photos of Yoo Yeon Seok and fans plus customers taken in LUA.

After embracing the life of a CEO of a bar and lounge, fans are left to wonder when Yoo Yeon Seok will return to acting. News about an offer to lead revenge drama “Deal” excited fans but they later had to face the hard truth that the drama would not be produced any time soon.

So, how does Yoo Yeon Seok spend his days when he is not busy acting in drama, movie or musical? Just like Baek Geun Woo, we think he is enjoying the life of an owner of a lounge!

Check out the diary of CEO Yoo Yeon Seok living the life of Baek Geun Woo through LUA’s instagram and facebook.

Wine tasting..

Indulging in flower arrangement..

Fixing the lightbulbs..

 photo Lua1.jpg
Replacing lamps..

 photo Lua2.jpg
Installing a pr..

 photo Lua3.jpg
 photo Lua4.jpg photo Lua5.jpg
The best? Enjoying summer breeze on top of LUA..

Guess, a life of Baek Geun Woo is not bad at all (as long as he doesn’t forget to make a comeback to small or big screen).

Photo sources: LUA’s instagram and facebook.


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