[Eng] ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ Synopsis


Source : SBS Mediacreate Monthly Magazine (Sept ’16)

(Monday – Tuesday Drama)
‘Romantic Teacher Teacher Kim’ (Tentative title) 
20 episodes
First episode to air on November 7, 2016 at 10pm

The age of injustice, is called as the age of inequality and distrust. Since we’re living in a full of desire society where not only politics but also medical communities follow the tracks of money, I can’t help but to worry what if my family is ill. At times like this, a wish ‘I wish people like them to be around’, came for such kind of doctors.

‘Romantic’ nonsense. Teacher Kim is an eccentric swashbuckling doctor who is practical and cool-headed. He was once famous with the nickname of ‘Hand of God’, but now he saves many people lives with his incredible medical technique in *’Doldam Hospital’ (*literal : “Stone wall Hospital”), a small general hospital in a small city, in general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and emergency department.

Looking like a trivial suburb hospital, but every staff including nurse moves silently and swiftly like masters in the forest do. One day, two young doctors came to the peaceful “Doldam Hospital”…

The first doctor was a young female patient who was rescued by Teacher Kim in a mountain. She was an emergency department resident, who once shouted “If you do not know love you’re not qualified to wear a doctor’s gown”, she shouted loudly in order to save one’s life in the emergency room. Written as seemingly passionate and hot-tempered but has something hidden inside, the casting of the mainstream actress Seo Hyun Jin for the role of ‘Yoon Seo Jeong’ is raising expectation.

The second doctor is kicked out from a large hospital in Seoul, a talented man but terribly rude and doesn’t have even an ounce of manners. It is said that once he was the best surgeon who did surgery easily. Being cast for the role of ‘Kang Dong Joo’, a man gifted with a talent but is wandering, Yoo Yeon Seok, the guy who shoots at the women’s heart will show a new transformation.

In addition to the fantastic combination of Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok, for the drama’s key role ‘Teacher Kim’, actor Han Suk Kyu who can express ‘eccentric charisma’ well has been determined to star in the drama and is raising expectations.

[Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim] is a medical drama and a drama that shows the growth of a man and a woman who had chosen to become doctors for ‘success’ and ‘acknowledgement’ who later meets Teacher Kim and overcome their internal trauma and becoming real doctors.

Teacher Kim’s almost beyond human power medical technique in saving lives that are fading away would give an exhilarating thrill and there will be a melo/romance that will make the heart pounding faster than the urgency in the medical field.

Also, the main characters’ struggling growing phase in seeking for “real doctors” and “real life” after meeting with a genuine teacher will give us warmth during this winter to reflect on the value of ‘humanity’ that we all faintly missed.

Source : SBS Mediacreate Monthly Magazine (Sept ’16)

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