[Eng sub] Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’s 3rd Teaser & Kang Dong Joo’s character description

Well hello there McYummy… I mean, Dr Kang Dong Joo. Here’s some sort of character description of Yoo Yeon Seok’s new role on SBS website.

A smart-ass, huh. I’m rubbing my temples already. This role sure will make us feel lots of mixed feelings for him (most probably irritation during the first few episodes) but bring it on, Kang Dong Joo!

(Ayy, why must this smart-ass be looking so fine?)

 photo 20161027 Character Profile - Kang Dong Joo 2.jpg
Kang Dong Joo (25 years old / 30 years old)

An expert surgeon. A surgeon who thinks surgeries are the easiest things in the world.

“Smart-ass! I know well than anyone else that I’m a smart-ass. Other than my own, I don’t want to know about other people’s business, I’m not interested. All by myself, I’m focusing only on how to do well.”

He was born with a dirt spoon, but he wanted to live with a gold spoon. So he chose doctor as his profession. All he has are his memory, brilliant mind and a healthy body, so once he sets a goal, there’s only one option. The perseverance and patience to keep going. He would not live a disregarded or a neglected life as he wanted to be treated greatly with his name and live the life that he wants, so in 6 years after admitting to the medical school, he graduated at the top of the class and passed the medical specialist course for a surgeon as the first place in the country.

He has already been recognised by the directors of surgery department for his quick judgement and manual skills since resident period. He thought he was on the road to success since he became a top medical specialist of Korea.

However, competing against those who came from highly privileged backgrounds was tough and he missed the opportunity to operate on a VIP patient under an emergency situation. Dong Joo’s position was significantly lowered overnight. In the end he came early only to receive a transfer order to Doldam Hospital! 6 years of medical school, 5 years of internship and residency course, so he couldn’t believe that he was fired overnight when all he did in the past 11 years were solely working towards the success and fame.

So as he was wandering when facing the biggest crisis in his life, he ended up entering Doldam Hospital’s door… Until then, he did not know at all. That he’d see her again there.

Source : SBS Website – RDTK page

And also, here’s the subbed teaser 3 brought to you by yours truly, YeoNiverse ❤

“Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” will premiere on November 7, 2016 following the ending of ‘Moon Lovers’. This new SBS drama will broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM KST.

Translated by Lunagal
Typesetter / Encoder : daydreamer
Original video credited to SBS
Brought to you by Yeoniverse ~ Yoo Yeon Seok IFC


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