[Rating Report] ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ Week 2

Another great week for ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ in the rating department. The drama maintains its first spot in the Monday-Tuesday broadcast, ahead of ‘Woman with A Suitcase’ and ‘Man Who Lives in Our House’. According to AGB, Episode 3 clocked in 12.4% and the rating shows an 1.4% increase for episode 4 with 13.8%.

Episode 3
AGB : Nationwide: 12.4%, Metropolitan: 13.2%
TNMS : Nationwide: 12.5%, Metropolitan: 16.1%

Episode 4
AGB: Nationwide: 13.8%, Metropolitan: 14.9%
TNMS: Nationwide: 13.1%, Metropolitan: 16.8%

 photo stills4-1.jpg
 photo stills4-3.jpg

The good rapport continues as Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok became the most talked drama casts in the second week of November. Their remote surgery scene was the most watched scene of episode 3, with the rating soared to 15.38% . Meanwhile, Yoo Yeon Seok and Yoon Chan Yeong’s enthusiastic performance came out as the best 1 minute of episode 4 with a whopping 17% rating.
 photo rapport2ndweek.jpg

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, fighting!!

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