Lee Hyun Lends Voice for ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ OST

Lee Hyun of 8Eight has the honor to sing the first OST for ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’.

 photo RDTK-OST1.jpg

The song, titled ‘Because It’s You (그대라서)’, tells a silent promise made by the singer to not giving on his love even if he is pushed out again as the love he longs for is still in his heart. He promises to wait for her and make her face smiles brightly again. She is the reason he lives and asks her to hold his hand because she is his only love.

Sounds like a perfect song for Kang Dong Joo (Yoo Yeon Seok) who has only eyes for Yoo Seo-Jung (Seo Hyun Jin) and his unwavering love for her even after a 5-year of not seeing her in his life.

For you who suddenly has the urge to rewatch all episodes of ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ after hearing this song, don’t miss a special broadcast of the drama on November 29. SBS announced that all 6 episodes will be re-edited so viewers can watch all of them at once. The special broadcast will start at 20:55 KST.

What a treat!!

Source: Popgasa, HanCinema



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