[Eng] (Comments) Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Ep. 8

 photo 20161129 Xsportsnews ep. 8.jpg

(1) Nov 29, 2016 – XsportsNews via Naver : ‘Romantic Doctor’ Yoo Yeon Seok is angry towards Han Suk Kyu who gave up on Seo Hyun Jin’s life.

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  1. [+1010,-23] Heol, what a reversal. I thought he was a villain, but turns out there was such a story about him
  2. [+948,-43] Rather than the operating room, it would have been nice if they go to the Blue House instead
  3. [+735,-118] It’s weird that Yoon Seo Jung’s pitiful trauma didn’t happen.. I understand Kim Sabu has his points but he went too far with being dogmatic and the writer is also over. What’s with the song nonsense* (*not so sure about this phrase)
  4. [+604,-84] I’m a bit flustered with the nonsense development
  5. [+464,-90] This.. is not it

 photo 20161130 Ilgan Sports.jpg

(2) Nov 30, 2016 – IlganSports via Naver : ‘Romantic Doctor’, Episode 8 broadcast exceeded 20%, first place with an overwhelming of 21.7%

 photo 20161130 Ilgan Sports comments.jpg

  1. [+5395,-66] I like all of the actors but first of all Han Suk Kyu is of course Han Suk Kyu
  2. [+4435,-85] Han Suk Kyu’s acting is crazy.. there’s a reason Han Suk Kyu acting is famous… this time the Daesang candidates should watch out!!!* (*not sure if it’s correct)
  3. [+3107,-57] Congratulations for breaking through 20%!
  4. [+2725,-70] It’s fun enough to exceed 20 percent
  5. [+2132,-50] It’s so jjang jjang fun!!!@!

 photo 20161130 Osen.jpg

(3) Nov 30, 2016 – Osen via Naver : [Star TokTok] ‘Romantic Doctor’ Han Suk Kyu, is he going to get this year’s ‘Acting Daesang’
 photo 20161130 Osen comments.jpg

  1. [+3605,-97] An actor who suits the word 명불허전(Myeongbulheojeon)* (*which sort of mean that the fame / nickname he got is not vain and well deserved?)
  2. [+2952,-104] Han Suk Kyu’s acting reputation is already well known. When watching this drama, I realise it’s a drama that gives a lesson to us that without power, we cannot do anything. We need to become a needed person and fight against the forces with our ability and win… Han Suk Kyu, Seo Hyun Jin, Yoo Yeon Seok,…seriously the best
  3. [+2860,-132] Lee Cheol Min who played the villain should also be given an acting award, no? Yesterday his acting was deeply moving that I was in tears
  4. [+2093,-82] Han Suk Kyu… He’s an actor we watch with complete trust
  5. [+1741,-83] Suk Kyu hyung’s acting is so cool he’s an acting genius!

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