[Eng](Comments): Today (26th) ‘Romantic Doctor’ · ‘Scene Stealer’ cancelled , attention on ‘Hwarang’ rating

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TenAsia via Naver : Today (26th) ‘Romantic Doctor’ · ‘Scene Stealer’ cancelled, attention on ‘Hwarang’ rating
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  1. [+2023,-108] We need only Romantic Doctor, not useless Gayo Daejun
  2. [+1482,-63] SBS always cancel/pre-empt  its best drama, so annoying
  3. [+1086,-50] Keu-huk ㅡㅡ Romantic Doctor cancelled…
  4. [+977,-52] These days Kim Sa Bu is the only drama I’m watching. I can’t believe it’s cancelled
  5. [+712,-40] Romantic Doctor is cancelled? Then I don’t have to care about Gayo Daejun, and just go to bed early.

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