[Rating Report]’Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ Breaks Its Own Record in Week 9

Heading toward its finale, ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ proves once again that there’s no end to how high its rating can go. As if hitting a new high of 26% during the airing of episode 18 is not enough,  the drama soars higher in episode 19 as it clocked in 26.7% viewership rating.

The success came with a sweet reward as the cast and crew is confirmed to have a paid vacation in Cebu, the Philippines. They are scheduled to depart on 20 January on  a 4-days-5-nights vacation.  Lead stars Han Suk Gyu and Seo Hyun Jin will not be able to join due to personal schedules.

Ratings for Episode 18
AGB: Nationwide: 26%, Metropolitan: 27.9%
TNMS: Nationwide: 23.4%, Metropolitan: 27.7%

Ratings for Episode 19
AGB: Nationwide: 26.7% Metropolitan: 28.6%
TNMS: Nationwide: 22.2%, Metropolitan: 25.7%

 photo Cut18.jpg

The rating in episode 18 peaked at 30% when Dong Joo (Yoo Yeon Seok) confronted his mentor Teacher Kim (Han Suk Kyu) of events surrounding the death of his father in Goedae Hospital.  According to Nielsen Korea, as cited by International Business Time, a 30% rating in episode 18 means that around six million viewers tuned in to watch the drama. The drama leads the Monday-Tuesday broadcast slot by a landslide with four time as many viewers as other two shows at the same time.

 photo Cut 19_3.jpg
 photo Cut 19_4.jpg
 photo Cut 19_2.jpg
 photo Cut 19_1.jpg

As the drama progresses, viewers are hooked with its storylines as well as the growth of its characters. Everyone in Doldam are flawed characters to begin with and its so satisfying to see their steady progress throughout the series. People in their 20s, especially, will relate with Dong Joo’s arc as he struggles to find his place in the world. People are in turn rooting for him and are anticipating how much he will grow as a doctor and as a person. So imagine how satisfying it must be to see the selfish and ambitious Dong Joo learns how to apologise, set aside his ego and becoming a doctor that he supposed to be. Many are praising Yoo Yeon Seok for his portrayal of Dong Joo and we could’t be happier *mama bear sobs*.

If there is one thing that the drama hasn’t made any change but still made us happy is the amount of behind the scene pictures released to public. Through the pictures, viewers can feel just how comfortable the casts are with each other. They are seen laughing, sending cheeky smiles and most importantly, some tall person is extra clingy to his sunbae. hehehe…

 photo BTS_19_2.jpg
 photo BTS_19_5.jpg
 photo BTS_19_6.jpg
 photo BTS_19_3.jpg
 photo BTS_19_1.jpg

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