(Quote) Yoo Yeon Seok, on every melo scene with Seo Hyun Jin being very precious

SBS ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ is a medical drama, but the romance shown by Yoo Yeon Seok and Seo Hyun Jin in the drama was a fun point that cannot be left out. The two persons who became familiar fast as they were at the same age, played the roles Kang Dong Joo and Yoon Seo Jung, a senior-junior relationship, respectively. In the earlier part they were going on with the almost but not quite, heart fluttering ‘some’. At the latter part, they became a couple, and displayed deep melodramatic acting.

“The romance (in our drama) didn’t have much weight compared to other dramas. So the melo scenes that came out briefly out of every episode were very precious. We got used to the surgery scenes as days go by, so we focused on the melo scenes. I think we got good reviews by looking at the very big effort we put in in acting out the emotional parts. Some people say why is there romance in a medical drama, but we said it’s fine so we asked to add more. (Laughs) I really had fun filming. I was happy with the harmony with Hyun Jin as well.”

(Yoo Yeon Seok interview with Tenasia, January 2016 – “I treasure every melo scene with Seo Hyun Jin” )


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