(Quote) Yoo Yeon Seok, on his chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin and her reaction to him acting cute

Q. The chemistry between you and Seo Hyun Jin is also great
A. Seo Hyun Jin has an easygoing style, and she’s not the type of person who is hard to communicate with. I think she get along well with everyone, and as my character was younger, I found myself acting cute (doing agyeo) during filming (laughs). We got close that we could not tell who was older, and we filmed comfortably.

Q. You acting cute, did Seo Hyun Jin accept it well? (Laughs)
A. It made her toes curl. But I did not intentionally act cute, it was more out of unconsciousness because I was set to be a younger person. We joke around a lot too.

Q. The chemistry between the two of you was so good that you received best couple award. It seemed like you expected to win it.
A. I did not expect to win it. Ours is a medical drama and not a melodrama, so our couple’s romance didn’t show up much. Because of that, I did not expect to win, but I still wanted to win it because it is an award that signify us as actors who have chemistry together and that we have a wonderful collaboration. Luckily we received the best couple award and I also received acting award, so I felt great at the end of the year. As we were still shooting, I accepted it as to keep the chemistry between us until the end.

Q. The romance did not show up much and the love scenes are not that many. But it was especially intense.
A. Ah, that’s right. It was a little burdensome to have a kiss scene from the first episode. Although such scenes were few, we made a lot of effort to film them well. In the second half, the melo scenes were given more strength. They might be small in number but since we steadily put in a lot of effort to film them well, I receive a lot of words from the people around me saying that those scenes were refreshing and great.

(Yoo Yeon Seok’s interview with Biz Enter, January 2017)



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