(Quote) Yoo Yeon Seok, about his puppy – Chilbongie

How did you become family with Chilbongie, your puppy who would occasionally come out on your Instagram? Cosmo Editor is a fan of Chilbongie.

Actually I had a puppy that I raised at home since I was young , but as pets don’t live as long as humans… it was really hard after we had to say goodbye. So I sort of made an agreement with my parents. Let’s not raise a puppy (anymore). As you know it, things don’t go the way we want it to be. My mother adopted a puppy with a sad story after hearing about it from the people around her. All of Chilbongie’s siblings that were born together with him died. There were four or five of them but all died and he was the only one left. His mother died too. It seemed that the person who was raising Chilbongie, was in an untenable and heartbreaking situation where they could not raise him anymore. They thought that they may lose Chilbongie on top of their bad situation. My mother listened to the story and adopted him, and he was very sick when being brought in. It turned out that he had worms. He was given treatment and now he’s very healthy.

(Interview with Cosmopolitan Korea March 2017 issue – Fantastic Man – Yoo Yeon Seok)


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