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Happy Birthday Yoo Yeon Seok ♡


April 11th is here again and our favourite actor turns 33 (Korean age) today ♡

Starting from 12:00 am KST, birthday wishes from fans kept pouring in for Yoo Yeon Seok on SNS platforms – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and it’s heartwarming to see all the love he is receiving from fans.

Take a look at these links to see some of those cute and heartwarming birthday wishes from Yoo Yeon Seok’s fans –

KingKong Entertainment and Yoo Yeon Seok Official Japan Fanclub also joined the celebration by congratulating him through pictorial messages.

 photo yysjpbday.jpg
 photo yysbdaykke.jpg

It so happen that his birthday today is the same day as the VIP Premiere for his upcoming movie ‘Haeeohwa’ / ‘Love, Lies’. This is the first time in a while that he is seen in a public event on his birthday as his previous birthdays in the last 2 years were spent at his movie and drama filming sites.

Take a look at our birthday boy with his Haeeohwa cast during the event :

 photo yyshaeohwavip4.jpeg
 photo yyshaeohwavip3_1.jpg
 photo yyshaeohwavip2.jpg

And just a while ago he updated his facebook with photos of him with the birthday presents from fans ♡

 photo yysbdaypresents.jpg
 photo yysbdaypresents1.jpg

The message that he left reads (roughly translated. Pardon in advance that it might not be so accurate) :

“Hello. This is Yoo Yeon Seok. I am sincerely thanking all of you who wished happy birthday to me. Today after coming back to the office from Haeeohwa VIP Premiere, I saw a lot of gifts. ㅠㅜ What can be more touching than these? ^^ With many people’s wishes and spending it together making the birthday celebration even more meaningful!!! In return I will always strive to always be your ‘most beloved actor’. Thank you, always!! I love you ♡”

*Clutches heart* ;____; Yoo baewoo-nim, WE LOVE YOU TOO, OUR MOST BELOVED ACTOR!! *sobs*

Always ♡

May your birthday is filled with happiness and we sincerely wish the best for you in everything, Yoo Yeon Seok. Happy Birthday, Actor Yoo. We love you ♡


[CF] Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Kwang Soo and Cho Yoon Woo for Samsung Galaxy S7 ‘♡7 Day & Night in Jeju’

Remember our recent update on Yoo Yeon Seok (alongside his King Kong Entertainment labelmates Lee Kwang Soo and Cho Yoon Woo) participating in Samsung Galaxy S7 ‘♡7 Day & Night in Jeju’ Digital Photo Exhibition?

Well, it turns out there are (not one but 7!) CF videos that star the 3 of them promoting the phone as well! The CFs showcase the 3 boys having fun in Jeju as well as demonstrating the great features of the newly released Samsung phone.

Shall we take a look at the CFs that were released on Samsung Mobile Korea Youtube account one by one? Before that, prepare your heart because the boys are just so cute and of course when bias is calculated in, Yoo Yeon Seok is the cutest. Hahaha.

[1] Galaxy S7 _ Day & Night in Jeju _ ♥ Yeon Seok, Kwang Soo, Yoon Woo _ Road movie

The boys went out and about in Jeju  Island, taking selfies and photos of their fun times as well as the sceneries using their new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Boy, look at the quality of the photos of Jeju sceneries as well as the boys’ selfies.

The phone’s quick autofocus easily help Yoon Woo to capture the funny photo of Yoo Yeon Seok who suddenly emerged in front of the Jeju’s Hanyeo (Diver Lady) billboard.  Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge also takes great and brighter photos even in low-light as it managed to capture well Yoo Yeon Seok’s cute raccoon look (drawn by Pi-Kwang Soo) during the night they had barbeque together.

And Yoo Yeon Seok with a baby, be still my weak heart. I don’t know who’s cuter – the cute baby who refused to go to Kwang Soo when prod to, or evilly happy / proud daddy like Yeon Seok who laughed at the rejected Kwang Soo.

(Baby) 1 [YeoNiverse's Yoo Yeon Seok gifs]

Long story short, this phone’s camera features are enticing me (aside from Yoo Yeon Seok in the CFs). I bet you’re tempted as well, no?

[2] Galaxy S7 _ Day & Night in Jeju _ ♥ Yeon Seok, Kwang Soo, Yoon Woo _ Samsung Pay snack movie

While relaxing themselves  at a sea view cafe,  they could easily book their plane tickets back to Seoul and paid using Samsung Pay option.

[3] Galaxy S7 _ Day & Night in Jeju _ ♥ Yeon Seok, Kwang Soo, Yoon Woo _ IP68 Water Resistant and Dust Proof snack movie

Frolicking at the beach could bring fun and happiness to the heart but also harm to your new phone when it fell onto the sand! But fret not, continuing with their fooling around from earlier, “Dr. Yoo” the ~surgeon and fellow dorks easily take care of the matter by just cleaning the phone with bottled water and all is good – the Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge is of IP68 standard when it comes to water resistance and dust proof!

[4] Galaxy S7 _ Day & Night in Jeju _ ♥ Yeon Seok, Kwang Soo, Yoon Woo _ Super Long Battery snack movie

After continuously taking photos, navigating their car, listening to the music, playing games and more all day long in Jeju, the boys might be drained but not their Galaxy S7 Edge battery!

[5] Galaxy S7 _ Day & Night in Jeju _ ♥ Yeon Seok, Kwang Soo, Yoon Woo _ Task Edge snack movie

With the easy Task Edge feature on the Galaxy S7 Edge, Yoo Yeon Seok could easily do his frequent task with just a few taps – sending his selfies to their managers to update on them!

[6] Galaxy S7 _ Day & Night in Jeju _ ♥ Yeon Seok, Kwang Soo, Yoon Woo _ Game snack movie

Yoo Yeon Seok could play games from the Galaxy Game Pack to his heart content with his Galaxy S7 Edge – they’re smooth, not battery draining plus he doesn’t have to worry about the phone heating up easily. He could get all the better gaming experience with the Game Launcher and Game Tools as well. Gaming gets serious indeed!

[7] Galaxy S7 _ Day & Night in Jeju _ ♥ Yeon Seok, Kwang Soo, Yoon Woo _ 200 GB SD Slot snack movie

They could take just as many memories they want with their Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge without having to worry about the storage capacity – the phone has a 200 GB SD slot for storage capacity expansion.

Bonus :

[8] Galaxy S7 _ Media Day _ ♥ Yeon Seok, Kwang Soo, Yoon Woo 

The boys are so cute in the video that was shown during Galaxy S7 Media Day on March 10, 2016 ❤

*waves back at them*


All videos are the courtesy of Samsung.

[Eng Sub/Trans] Yoo Yeon Seok’s ‘Haeeohhwa’ Movie Trailer, Synopsis and Posters 

Yeonizens, get ready!!

Yoo Yeon Seok will make his return to big screen for the second time in 2016 with ‘HAEEOHHWA’. In this movie, Yoo Yeon Seok reunites with his ‘Beauty Inside’ co-stars Han Hyo Joo and Chun Woo Hee

Yoo Yeon Seok plays Kim Yoon Woo who is said to be the reigning top composer at his time. The movie tells the hidden story of the last gisaeng and it was set in the 1930s and 40s.

Various promotional materials of the movie have been released recently and YeoNiverse presents the translated materials for your reading and viewing pleasure ♡

[Eng translation] HAEEOHHWA Synopsis :

“1943, a period of misery – during the time of the Japanese occupation of Korea

A song that I wanted to sing like crazy, a song that had to be mine

In Old Seoul’s last but best school for Gisaengs ‘Daesung Gwonbeon’

So Yul (Han Hyo Joo), the best general performer artist who had an exceptional beauty with an excellent singing skill, and Yeon Hee (Chun Woo Hee) whose voice pulled at the heartstrings –  were the best of friends who were favoured by their teacher San Wol (Jang Young Nam), and became their classmates’ subject of envy.

So Yul’s love interest, Yoon Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok) who was the best composer of the time wanted to compose a song to touch the people’s hearts, titled ‘The Heart of Joseon’.

So Yul who wanted to sing Yoon Woo’s songs, dreamed of being a singer and not a general performance artist. But Yoon Woo happened to hear Yeon Hee’s voice by chance, and he began to fall in love with it.

Both So Yul and Yeon Hee vied to sing ‘The Heart of Joseon’ and made choices which would conflict with each other…

The hidden story of the last gisaeng, Haeeohhwa”

Haeeohhwa Character Posters :

Yoo Yeon Seok’s character poster says, “Now I need your voice in my song” – Kim Yoon Woo.

[poster] Kim Yoon Woo

Han Hyo Joo’s poster says “Please make a song that is only for me” – Jeong So Yul

[poster] Jeong So Yul

And Chun Woo Hee’s poster says “I, really want to sing” – Seo Yeon Hee

[poster] Seo Yeon Hee

Subbed Haeeohhwa Trailer

Watch the three stars in the movie’s first trailer that depicts their journey in a flashback story-telling. The English subtitled trailer below is presented by YeoNiverse.

‘Haeeohhwa’ is slated for big screen premiere on 13 April 2016

(Special thanks and jjeops to YeoNiverse girls Rynn_peace, Kaylanurul and Lunagal for the translations and help with making the post ♡)


[20160111] Yoo Yeon Seok in Please Take Care of my Refrigerator (+Netizen Comments & Raw Videos)

On Monday night, Ep. 61 of JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator episode which Yoo Yeon Seok and Moon Chae Won guest in was aired (He was in the previous episode as well but the episode was featuring on Moon Chae Won’s fridge)

 photo screenshot_2016-01-15-07-45-54.png photo screenshot_2016-01-15-07-46-09.png

Moon Chae Won mentioned her hobby of reading palms and the chefs one by one went to get their hands read. She read about “Byeontaesong” line which make a chef perplexed thinking it meant that he is a pervert, lol. But Moon Chae Won explained that “byeontaesong” isn’t really a bad thing like pervert, but more like an emotional factor that makes relationship fun (special thanks to Tokkipanda for the explanation! ♡). And it seems like Yoo Yeon Seok’s “byeontaesong” level was the highest of them all? Ahaha.

Chef Hong asked Moon Chae Won how does Yoo Yeon Seok’s lips feel like and that set both of them awkward. haha. But Moon Chae Won mentioned that she was actually having a cold when they shoot the kissing scenes in Mood of the Day. She had to take medicines, went to do the scene and kiss him, took medicine again, before kissing him again. She didn’t want to pass the cold to Yoo Yeon Seok.

And now onto his fridge!

 photo screenshot_2016-01-12-19-36-25.png

It was fun to see the content of Yoo Yeon Seok’s fridge. It was full, filled with food and love from his mom, his fans as well as Hojun ❤

 photo screenshot_2016-01-12-19-44-41.png photo screenshot_2016-01-12-19-41-37.png photo screenshot_2016-01-12-19-46-25.png

Look at those side dishes from his mom, healthy drinks and food for his vocal health in cute jars from his fans, and a bottle of Ugandan honey that Hojun gifted him. And as expected of him, his fridge is well organised.

 photo screenshot_2016-01-12-19-53-51.png

Aside from food, he stored polaroid films and facial masks in his fridge too! xD

 photo screenshot_2016-01-12-19-52-25.png

He mentioned that him and Hojun frequently go to each other’s house. When asked about the bottle of Kopke Porto Wine in his fridge, he mentioned that he, Hojun and Baro drank a 3 years old wine together and the boys love it so much. After the drinking session, he went to sleep leaving the boys on their own. Hojun took out the 20 years old wine and they both drank a lot of the wine, without him.  lol

 photo screenshot_2016-01-15-07-44-59_1.png

He requested the chefs to prepare dishes that is healthy for the first round, and then dishes that go well with wine for the second round. He loves the first dish not only because it is healthy, but it is also unique. He also commented that he couldn’t guess where the dishes come from. It feels like he’s on travel and that he doesn’t need to travel to taste dishes like that.

Looks like he enjoyed the food prepared by the chefs so much, especially the Onion Chicken Steak by Chef Sam Kim ♡ And he even took polaroid photos of the chefs as well ❤

 photo screenshot_2016-01-16-11-49-57_1.png

We are regret to inform that YeoNiverse isn’t planning to sub the episode at the moment 😦 Anyway, here are the raw videos of the episode ~

Also, read the netizen comments on Yoo Yeon Seok guesting on the show!

[Osen via Naver] ‘Refrigerator’ Yoo Yeon Seok, a gentleman’s formula is exactly like this.

1. [+509, -10] I watched Youth Over Flowers and I can believe a man like this if I go anywhere with him and seems like we can go to anywhere…
2. [+438, -5] If people does self management too seriously, they can lost their humanity but he got home education well so his personality is great too.
3. [+361, -10] He did a good job in expressing the taste and it looks that he has good manner too haha hope you keep going and be successful!
4. [+267, -10] As expected from Yoo Yeon Seok…. ㅠ
5. [+231, -4] Chilbongie is so cool 😄…..
6. [+97, -1] Beside the appearance, a man who has personality like him is my ideal type but there aren’t men like him around me…;;;;
7. [+88, -4] Even though he played “yangachi” role in “A Werewolf Boy”, there is no “yangachi” like that. His image changes in every project. He played the younger role of Yoo Ji Tae and like Yoo Ji Tae he did both good and evil roles.
(*Yangachi = the person who behaves very crude, coarse and do evil things like picking a pocket or threaten some younger people for money, acts like a school gang or so)
8. [+85, -3] I watched the broadcast, he really has manner. I can see in his eyes that he respects all the chefs. It’s awesome that he helped chef-nim taking photos too ㅠㅠ.
9. [+75, -1] He is so charming. As expected Chilbong is Yoo Yeon Seok~~
10. [+89, -6] I agree with the title “gentleman’s formula”. So awesome Yoo Actor!

Original article from Osen via Naver
Translated by Rynn_peace. Brought to you by YeoNiverse.

Video source : hot9012 Dailymotion

Special thanks to Kaylanurul for the help with this post ❤


[20151215] Yoo Yeon Seok’s Star Interview with Cosmopolitan Korea

Cosmopolitan Korea had a pictorial and an interview with Yoo Yeon Seok for its January 2016 issue. YeoNiverse is now presenting to you the summary of a few of his interview answers (but not in order) for you to read ❤

A man who works tirelessly throughout the year. A man who choose work over rest. A man who wants to concentrate on himself than any other. That man is actor Yoo Yeon Seok and he is about to welcome his first movie in 2016, <The Mood That Day>.

 photo Photo 1_1.jpg

Q: You have been working continuously the last few years. You did dramas and movies one after another. And when you actually have a chance to take a breath, still you said that you want to do a musical. Somewhat it makes Yoo Yeon Seok as a person who works without a break.

In his answer Yoo Yeon Seok said he’s always yearning to do stage performances. He said he can’t forget the positive energy that he got when he was doing performance at school. And it’s not easy to have the opportunity to do full-scale acting on the stage.

[Photo] 5A

Q: I’m so curious so I watched your musical “The Man Who Passed through the walls”. But I’m surprised. The song is well composed and the diction is great.

Yoo Yeon Seok said he is so thankful for the praise. He said actually he is not a person who can brag about his singing skill. “Compared with other musical actors/actresses, I’m nothing. I just thought that I have to deliver the dialogues and the feeling of the character. So more than singing, I put the character Dutilleul’s feeling into the melody.”


Q: But you must be confident in singing to declare that you want to challenge the musical

Yoo Yeon Seok answered that musical was his hobby. He didn’t do it because he got special training. “There are some musical that I like and I had great longing for musical.” He also said that he feel so thankful he meet with the good project as his first musical.


Q: Movie “The Mood That Day” will be released in January. I heard YeonSeok-ssi’s role ‘Jae Hyeon’ is a person who say “let’s sleep with me today” to the woman he meets for the first time. After he tossed the statement that close with sexual harrasment, I’m curious if they finally sleep together or not.

Yoo Yeon Seok : “Please check by yourself in cinema haha. The Mood That Day is the movie about a man named Jae Hyeon who enjoys one night stand and Moon Chae Won ssi’ role ‘Soo Jeong’, a woman who has the opposite nature with him. They meet by fate in ktx, then various episodes will begin. How their destiny in the end and how they will get connected, you will know if you watch the movie”


Q: Honestly, do you ever have experience to fall in love at the first sight like in the movie

Yoo Yeon Seok answered he never experienced falling in love at the first sight. But he did want to try talking to a woman who passed by. “In the past, I like that woman but I couldn’t bring my self to talk with her. I kept thinking about her all day. Even the next few days, I kept thinking about her and I regretted (that I didn’t ask her)” So if the same occasion happens to him in the future he decides to say “I like you, and if now I don’t ask for your phone number I think I’ll regret it”

[Photo] 6

Q: I’m curious on what point to make Yoo Yeon Seok fall in love?

Yoo Yeon Seok said every person have different charms but outgoing persons who have the same interest are not many. And he still said the woman who has a beautiful smile, but he couldn’t explain how to smile like that.

[Photo] 7

Yoo Yeon Seok also talked about love in this interview, as translated by Soompi :

In the interviews that followed the pictorial shoot, he talked about his ideal kind of love. He said, “I think that someone who really loves me will love my incompleteness and faults as well. For example, when my hair looks awful because I just woke up, I hope that the perfect woman will love that too. I think I will feel the real love then. However, I look really awful when I have just woken up.”

[gif] 1

Also, do watch at the beauty of Yoo Yeon Seok in the photooshot behind the scene in the video below:

Sources :

(1) Cosmopolitan Korea Online & digital magazine & CosmopolitanTV;

(2) Interview summary / translation by Rynn_Peace
Brought to you by YeoNiverse ; and

(3) Soompi

2015 Wrap Up : Yoo Yeon Seok’s (screen and stage) appearances

So today is the last day of 2015! This year Yoo Yeon Seok has been very busy and productive as he appeared in 2 movies, 1 drama (and a cameo in another drama), and a musical.

He presented us with very different characters in those projects he involved in : a manipulative and greedy Sung Yeol, a problematic but cute (to me!) man child Baek Geon Woo, a timid and soft hearted Woo Jin, a very flirty and cynical Dr Jo Young Woo, and a cute romantist Dutilleul.

That is the charm of actor Yoo Yeon Seok – he always show us different portrayal and his different faces in his every project and we love him for that.

As we reached the year’s end, let us walk down this one year memory lane and check out the projects that Yoo Yeon Seok has done in 2015.

I’ll let the photos below do the talking :

[Screen Appearances] 1[Screen Appearances] 2[Screen Appearances] 3[Screen Appearances] 4[Screen Appearances] 5

And as for 2016, he has 3 projects lined up – 2 movies which have completed their filming and awaiting release, and another movie that he is in talk to star in. So far it is not yet known if he is confirmed for ‘King’s Case Files’ alongside Lee Sun Kyun, but there is no news on him declining the movie either, months after the casting news was released. It was said that the movie will start filming in April, 2016.

Anyway, below are his 2016 projects that we could look out for next year~

[Anticipated Projects] 1A[Anticipated Projects] 2[Anticipated Projects] 3

Dear Yoo Yeon Seok, thank you for your hard work in for 2015, and we wish you a happy new year! May you always be in good health, always happy and get to do things you wishes to do in 2016.

All the best and we look forward to see you and your projects next year, Yoo Yeon Seok ❤

Happy New Year to you too, YeoNizen! 😀 Thank you for loving and supporting actor Yoo Yeon Seok. Much love to you all ❤

‘Mood of the Day’ is set to release on January 14, 2016 and releases new posters, still cuts and second trailer video

Yesterday, through a second trailer video titled ‘That Day’s Disaster’ video, it was revealed that Yoo Yeon Seok’s and Moon Chae Won’s upcoming movie ‘Mood of the Day’ will hit the cinemas on January 14, 2016. Take a look at the second trailer here :

Oooh, so it seems like there will be some angst in store for us as well. I think I like it.

Today 3 main posters were released as well:

movie_image (6).jpgmovie_image (7).jpgmovie_image (5).jpg

And just a few days before, a batch of the movie’s new still cuts were released as well :

[Still cut] 1 [Still cut] 2 [Still cut] 3 [Still cut] 4 [Still cut] 6 [Still cut] 5

[Still cut] 7 [Still cut] 8 [Still cut] 9 [Still cut] 10

Source : Mood of the Day Naver Movie page