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“Perfect Proposal” to be released Internationally


Yoo Yeon Seok and Im Soo Jung’s latest film “Perfect Proposal” is set to flame your hearts on fire in a theatre near you. Yes, just as when it was about to be released in Korean the preparations for its international release is on. Here is the schedule:

June 12, 2015
CGV Cinemas Koreatown
Los Angeles, California
(621 Western Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90005)

July 24, 2015
Blitzmegaplex (Jakarta, Bandung, Balikpapan, and more)
Cinemaxx Theaters (Jakarta, Bali, and More)
Indonesian Trailer and Synopsis
The movie will be in Korean with Indonesian subtitle

August 7, 2015
CGV Cinemas
Vietnamese Trailer

We will update this post regularly for more scheduled screenings.

Do try to catch this crime thriller and romance movie on the big screen. Who wouldn’t want to see Yoo Yeon Seok like this larger than life?

[20150603] Yoo Yeon Seok And Kim Sung Ho Finally Butt Heads

[by Sora Ghim] Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Sung Oh on MBC ‘Warm and Cozy’ finally go head to head with an arm wrestling match.

On the upcoming 8th episode of the drama, the love rivalry for Kang So Ra will officially start between Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Sung Oh.

The two will arm wrestle each other in a match that risks their pride. Still cuts of this scene were released, attracting attention. Putting their all in the competition, both men exchange fierce gazes and have a battle of power. As soon as the match starts, they put in all their strength in order to win. Between Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Sung Oh, who will win?

This scene was filmed on May 30 on the restaurant set in Jeju Island. Both Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Sung Oh put their all into filming, seemingly forgetting they were acting during the arm wrestle with the realistic performance. Before filming, the two worked hard, practicing and cooperating together.

In particular, during the break, Yoo Yeon Seok and Kim Sung Oh had an extra round, bringing energy onto the set. As the real match began, the two’s rivalry ended with a tie as a winner couldn’t be made. The two actors’ teasing and jokes caused laughter onsite.

Meanwhile, the 7th episode of ‘Warm and Cozy’ will air on Wednesday, June 3 at 10 PM KST. (photo by Bon Factory)


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[ENG SUBBED] Warm and Cozy teaser trailer (20150429)

We have been anticipating for the first teaser trailer since the teaser photos for the upcoming drama ‘Warm and Cozy’ have been coming every day. Those who were watching ‘Angry Mom’ were treated with this goodie on 29th April and fans of both Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora were equally estatic.

After playing countless of serious and / or evil characters in his movies last year (and upcoming movies this year), it was very refreshing to be seeing Yoo Yeon Seok as he unleashes the funny side of him as he plays an adorkable ‘grasshopper’ Baek Geon Woo. He is so cute that we wish to put him in our pockets! His beautiful leading lady, Kang So Ra plays the always hardworking ‘ant’ Lee Jeong Joo.

So come and enjoy with us this introduction to Baek Geon Woo. Don’t you think he’s cute and funny?

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[ENG SUBBED] Maeil Café Latte Double Shot CF (20150329)

We thought Maeil has already let go of Yoo Yeon Seok as one of their endorsers after he did that creepy romance CF. But then he is back wooing another girl. This time it is a little better as he asks the girl what kind of love she wants to experience. Who wouldn’t want to be loved intensely?

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Here’s a reminder of that creepehhh guy at the bus stop.