[20140331] Announcement from KingKong Ent on Staff application for Yoo Yeon Seok’s Fanclub


We are Yoo Yeon Seok’s management company King Kong Entertainment.

This coming midnight April 11th is the actor Yoo Yeon Seok’s birthday, and to coincide with this, we are planning to open Yoo Yeon Seok’s official fan café. This is to allow for the sharing of more news pictures, videos etc with you the fans.

For the official fan café to open, we are advertising for both the name of the official fan club as well as recruiting officers to run the fan club and café.

Please refer to the information below and we await many applications and support. ^^

  1. Yoo Yeon Seok’s Official Fan Club naming application

-Time: 1st April 2014 (Tues) from 12midnight ~ until 6th April (Sun) 12midnight

-Applications: Through emailing kingkongfanclub@hanmail.net

*Title: Yoo Yeon Seok Fan Club Naming Application

*Content: Fan club naming/meaning/your name/contact details

Email this information to kingkongfanclub@hanmail.net

After we select a few candidates, there will be an internal meeting on the selection of the fan club name, and to the person who we selected as naming Yeon Seok-nim’s precious fan club name, we are planning on sending them a gift.

  1. Yoo Yeon Seok Official Fan Café Officer recruitment

-Time period: From 1st April 2014 (Tues) 12midnight ~ until 6th April (Sun) 12midnight

-How to apply: Go to http://kingkongent.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=yooyeonseock_notice
and download the application form to become an officer of Yoo Yeon Seok’s fan café.

Then email the completed form to kingkongfanclub@hanmail.net

[Subject title: Yoo Yeon Seok Fan Club Officer Application_ your name]

–          Recruitment number: 0 people (1st round document review, depending on the interviews we can change the number of personnel required)

–          Application Criteria:

o   Males and females above the age of 20

o   (preferred)Image design, foreign language able (not an essential criteria)

o   Someone who is responsible and lively, who will have an open heart and understanding for Yoo Yeon Seok and his fans.

–          After the CV review it will be streamlined to interviews where after the selection, we will let the successful candidates know after working as temporary staff members of their selection, at Yoo Yeon Seok’s Official Fan meeting.

–          We will also let those who will be the officers who will work online know as well.


–          Officer application notice

o   We will only accept applications through email, those who pass the 1st round will be contacted individually.

o   Any false applications will be automatically disqualified, and any future activities can be limited.

o   After the selection process, if any officers are found to behaving inappropriately, that officer will have their rights as an officer removed from them, and any future activities can be limited.

Currently we are working on arranging a most important meeting between Yeon Seok and all you fans.

Within this week, we have plans to announce some good news through Yoo Yeon Seok’s Official facebook and Yoo Yeon Seok’s Official Homepage, so we ask for the continued love and interest from all of you who love Yeon Seok-nim!

Thank you!

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[20140331] Announcement from Yoo Yeon Seok Official Facebook Page

[NEWS _# Yoo Yeon Seok]

This is King Kong Entertainment.

We have uploaded notices regarding the naming of Yoo Yeon Seok’s Official Fan Club name,  and  the recruitment of the official fan café officers.

Within this week, we are going to release some surprising news to the fans regarding a special meeting with Yeon Seok-nim so just wait patiently for a little longer.

Thank you. ^^

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Yoo Yeon Seok is a Milk-Guy


[Sseol Jjeon] Lee Yoon Seok states “Yoo Yeon Seok is a MilkGuy- Kind face with a naughty body”

The actor who had embodied the bad guy role – Yoo Yeon Seok, has completely transformed into a “Milk-Guy”(beautiful man with pure skin and a clean image – this is the best that I can compare it to)

On the episode of JTBC’s “Sseol Jjeon- The fierce word battle” airing on the 2nd January 2014, the hosts discussed the golden age of the second lead actor.

In this special corner of the show, the hosts picked “Empress Ki’s” Ji Chang Wook, “The Heirs’” Kim Woo Bin, “Reply 1994’s” Yoo Yeon Seok, and “Princess Aurora’s” Seo Ha Joon, as the second lead actors gathering the most attention.

Kim Hee Chul stated “In the movies ‘Werewolf Boy’, ‘Architecture 101’ I didn’t recognise Yoo Yeon Seok as the actor who played the bad guy.” and “Later I noticed that in ‘Reply 1994’, Yoo Yeon Seok had the same frightening expression at times” causing everyone to laugh.

Heo Ji Woong stated “I thought that Yoo Yeon Seok would only play bad guy roles”, and expressed his surprise when “he completely reversed his image within the space of one drama”.

Kim Gu Ra added by saying “Yoo Yeon Seok basically has a kind looking face”, and “his face is a blank canvas which would suit any type of character”. Kim Hee Chul then stated “Yoo Yeon Seok has a similar image to Park Hae Il and Shin Ha Kyun”, and “he gives the vibe of good and evil co-existing in the one person”.

Lee Yoon Seok responded with “Yoo Yeon Seok’s eyes give off a kind expression, while his body is very “naughty” as he complimented the muscular body of Yoo Yeon Seok. Kang Yong Seok also agreed saying “His body is amazing”.

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