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[Interview] Yoo Yeon-seok, “Did I keep my promise to never change?”

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Yoo Yeon-seok‘s mellow is sink or swim. It’s either purely innocent or cruelly mean. If “Old Boy” and “Answer Me 1994” are the first, then “Architecture 101” and “Perfect Proposal” are the latter.

“Loves, Lies” is somewhere in between them. “Loves, Lies” is the story of the final gisaengs So-yool (Han Hyo-joo) and Yeon-hee (Cheon Woo-hee) who dreamt of being singers. They meet the greatest song writer of the time Yoon Woo (Yoo Yeon-seok).

“Some ask if Yoon Woo is the bad guy. The part which Yoo Woo falls for Yeon-hee was edited out. Yeon-hee says something to Yoon Woo as she’s being hit by her father, “Selling his daughter for some money, that is the true Joseon. I don’t relate to the song, “A Joseon Mind”.

Yoo Yeon-seok is working with Han Hyo-joo for the second time since “Beauty Inside”. He also met Cheon Woo-hee in the same movie.

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“I enjoyed working with Han Hyo-joo in “Beauty Inside”. However, we didn’t meet for a long time because there were 21 Woo-jins. I was happy to meet her in Loves, Lies once again. Cheon Woo-hee was also in “Beauty Inside” but we acted the same character so we never overlapped”.

Yoo Yeon-seok took on the role of Yoo Ji-tae‘s younger version in the movie “Old Boy” and left a strong impression but he was in the slumps. He then continued to star in other films but he didn’t show much impact. However, he started to come back to life with “A Werewolf Boy”. “Answer Me 1994” put him in the peak of his career.

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Yoo Yeon-seok had said he was afraid he might change because of the popularity.

“I can’t say I didn’t change at all, but I’m not negative. I try to be positive and I always will be. The pressure I get from the fame has made me responsible. I didn’t believe in success before but now more is expected of me so I need to change according to demands”.

Still, Yoo Yeon-seok doesn’t want his passion and emotions to be tainted. He wants acting to be a part of his life and not just a job. “I might be in the slumps at one point but when acting becomes a part of my life, it might get easier”.

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Original news source : TVReport


Yoo Yeon Seok Donates Proceeds from Book and Photo Exhibition for Education in Ethiopia

Yoo Yeon Seok has donated all proceeds from the sales of ‘DREAM’ book and ‘Ah Yi’ photo exhibition to support educational activities in Ethiopia’s Nono village, KingKong Entertainment announced on Monday, 21 December 2015.

In February 2015, Yoo Yeon Seok took time to visit Ethiopia with World Vision. Subsequently after the visit, he released the ‘DREAM’ book and held ‘Ah Yi’ photo exhibition in August 2015. He mentioned early on that proceeds from both activites will be donated to support the dreams of the Ethiopian children. The dreams that can be supported through overcoming the inequality in environment, as he said himself.

The school-age children in Nono village is known of facing difficulties in pursuing their studies due to harsh environment, poverty, and poor educational facilities. To enhance the educational environment in Nono village, he transforms the donation into classroom chairs and desk, textbook, shoes, sportswear and so on. The donation also goes into buying solar panel system to support school’s electricity supply. With the donation, it is hopeful that the children can read and study without too much obstacles.

We wish the children a brighter future and Yoo Yeon Seok success in his future endeavours. The actor is currently starring on ‘Man Who Walks Through Walls’ musical.

Source: Naver and KingKong Entertainment

[News] The Royal Tailor Received An Award in New York and Gets Screening Date in Japan

The Royal Tailor snatched another award from the New York Asian Film Festival following an official announcement on 15 July 2015. The movie garnered 94% positive votes to bring home the 2015 Audience Award, beating Korean social drama “Cart”, Korean documentary  “My Love, Don’t Cross That River’ and Cambodian drama “The Last Reel”. The movie is considered by NYAFF as a playful, fresh and daring reinvention of one of Korea’s most conservative film genres which offers a unique blend of fantasy and humor that charmed and moved New York audiences. The so-called Korean fashion-themed historical drama is praised for its stunning insight to Royal costume and textile designed by Jo Sang-gyeong. This is the second audience award for Royal Tailor after receiving one in the 17th Udine Far East Film Festival.

Royal Tailor’s director, Lee Won Suk, was present during the NYAFF and gave an interview in which he talked about working with Yoo Yeon Seok and Park Shin-Hye. Quoted from the an article released by KDramaStars, Director Lee mentioned that Yoo Yeon Seok is such a hard worker who has a great personality and is very caring. Working with Yoo Yeon Seok and Park Shin Hye for Royal Tailor was an amazing experience for him. 

After New York, The Royal Tailor is set to charm the Japanese audience following the announcement of nationwide screening starting 7 November 2015. The movie, titled サンイウォン / Saniwon in Japanese, will be screened on CinemArt in Shinjuku, Tokyo and Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

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For more information of the screening in Japan,  you can visit their official website, twitter, and facebook.

[20150713] Compilation of Son Ho Jun’s recent interviews in which he mentions Yoo Yeon Seok

[1] Son Ho Joon, “Since young, I’m Im Soo Jung’s fan.. I’m jealous with Yoo Yeon Seok”

Son Ho Joon mentioned that he likes senior Im Soo Jung so much since he was young. He became her fan after watching the movie ‘Ing..’. Then what does Son Ho Joon say about his close friend Yoo Yeon Seok’s and Im Soo Jung’s harmony in movie ‘Perfect Proposal’? “I said that I’m jealous to Yeon Seok many times. I even visited her at ‘Perfect Proposal’ after party.”

[2] Son Ho Joon, “I want to go travelling in Europe… according to the plan that Yoo Yeon Seok organizes”

Son Ho Joon and Yoo Yeon Seok became close after they acted together in cable channel tvN ‘Reply 1994’. After that they travelled together to Laos for the entertainment program ‘Youth Over Flowers’. They attracted viewers’ attention because they look after each other.

“After completing ‘Reply 1994’ I almost have no chance to rest. If I meet my friends, I always said ‘I want to get some air’, ‘I want to go to valley’ but I didn’t take a rest. So travelling to Laos felt so good. I felt like I got a present. Yesterday when I went to drink with Yoo Yeon Seok, we talked about Laos travelling too. Baro is busy with comeback preparation so we can only talk through phone.” “Besides that, the travelling I did only to Jeju to support Yeon Seok’s drama. I want to go to Europe. It will be good if I can go with Yeon Seok. He is a careful and very detailed person. He has travelled a lot too. If I want to travel properly, I have to go together with him.”

[3] ‘Cooking show maknae’ sonhojoon, “Cha Seung Won is mom, Baek Jong Won is teacher” A few days ago, I had a drink with Yoo Yeon Seok at home. I cooked chicken soup for him. He said it was delicious so my heart was full.

[4] Son Ho Joon, “Acting is learning, entertainment is healing”

“Reply 1994 is precious project and left good memory for me. It’s the project that gave me a new family in Seoul. Because of fate, I could do project ‘Youth over flowers” together with Yoo Yeon Seok and Baro, whom I have met in Reply 1994 and we are still close up to now.” “I always hang out with Yeon Seok and Baro and I get along well and keep in touch with director or staffs. For me, it feels like I have a family. I introduced Yunho (Yunho of TVXQ is a friend from same hometown with Son Ho Joon) to Yeon Seok and we hang out together. Yun Ho said thank you to Yeon Seok”

Original articles : TVReport ; Starnews ; enews24 ; Yonhapnews

Translation by : Rynn_peace

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[20150610] Points To Watch Out For In ‘Warm and Cozy’

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[by Sora Ghim] MBC ‘Warm and Cozy’ has released points to look out for during the second half of the drama.

As the drama heads into the latter half, the love lines of Baek Gun Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok)-Lee Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) and Song Jung Geun (Lee Sung Jae)-Kim Hae Sil (Kim Hee Jung) are heating up. Adding more to this fire is the love triangles with Hwang Wook (Kim Sung Oh) and Seo Yi Ahn (Mok Ji Won). Also clouded in mystery is the relationship of Kang So Ra’s father and Baek Gun Woo’s mother.

Here are points to look out for in this ‘Hong Sister’s’ romantic comedy.

No.1 Yoo Yeon Seok-Kang So Ra, “Is this the start of the ‘WooJoo Couple’ romance?!”

In the 8th episode, Gun Woo and Jung Joo shared an ‘unexpected hug,’ raising the anticipation of viewers. Gun Woo found out that Jung Joo isn’t ill and rather than be upset that he lent her his entire restaurant at a cheap price, he was relieved. Moreover, Jung Joo said, “You said you were mine till I died. But now what?” to which Gun Woo replied, ““I’ll keep being yours. Until death, I’m yours.” People wonder what will happen afterwards.

Lee Sung Jae-Kim Hee Jung, “How will the ‘JungShil’ couple overcome its greatest difficulty?”

Also in the same episode, a dark cloud overcame the Jung Geun and Hae Shil love line, disappointing many. After much thought, Jung Geun decided to invite Hae Shil to his party but Hae Shil was requested by the Promotional team to help with an event for the party. Not knowing what it was about, Hae Shli and the other divers went along and were instead humiliated. Falling into the resort swimming pool, Jung Geun appeared at that time. Hae Shil found out that Jung Geun was actually the owner of the resort and was cold to him. Unable to stop her, their relationship faces an obstacle as people focus on whether this terrible situation will be able to turn back.

Kim Sung Oh-Seo Yi Ahn, “Never let your guard down!”

The two love triangles, ‘Gun Woo-Jung Joo-Hwang Wook’ and ‘Gun Woo-Jung Joo-Ji Won’ are attracting attention. Hwang Wook and Ji Won will ambush Gun Woo and Jung Joo’s relationship as the two’s feelings grow for each other. In the 8th episode, Hwang Wook subtly confessed to Jung Joo, but Jung Joo didn’t realize as her head was filled with Gun Woo. However, Hwang Wook realized his feelings and started to appeal himself, shaking Jung Joo’s heart. On the other side, Ji Won keeps on getting bothered by Jung Joo who seems to be the reason Gun Woo keeps slipping out of her grasp. Hwang Wook and Ji Won have proved themselves to be great presences that can block Jung Joo and Gun Woo’s relationship.

Yoo Yeon Seok-Kang So Ra, “Who are their real parents?”

The mystery surrounding Gun Woo and Jung Joo’s parents will continue on in the second half of the drama. From the first episode, the relationship between Jung Joo’s father and Gun Woo’s mother was confusing. Moreover, novelist Bu Mi Ra (Kim Mi Jin) showed up with a picture of Jung Joo’s father and Gun Woo’s mother and tries to find out the behind story. Gun Woo’s sister Hee Ra (Ok Ji Young) tell Mi Ra not to write a story about her mother and Gun Woo’s father, hinting at a big clue. What is the actual relationship?

Meanwhile, ‘Warm and Cozy’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday. (photo by Bon Factory)

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[20150603] “Perfect Proposal” Yoo Yeon-seok, from being topless to kissing

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Actor Yoo Yeon-seok is a sexy guy in the movie “Perfect Proposal”.

He attended the production premiere of the movie “Perfect Proposal” with Im Soo-jeong and talked about their teamwork.

“Perfect Proposal” is about a woman who is in a desperate situation and a man who proposes something that will change her life completely.

Yoo Yeon-seok acts out Seong-yeol who proposes an opportunity that will turn Ji-yeon (Im Soo-jeong) into Cinderella.

His muscular shape has become one of the hot topics of the movie but he claims it was ’embarassing’.

Yoo Yeon-seok said, “I am not always like that. Seong-yeol is supposed to be deadly attractive so I had to make myself look like that. I stuck to a diet and worked out with my trainer. I didn’t eat any carbs a week before I shot that scene and didn’t even drink water the day before. It’s the result of hard work”.

About the kiss scene, Yoo Yeon-seok said, “The point of the scene was to make sure the audience could imagine what happened after the kiss. I drank a bottle of wine before that scene because I was so nervous”.

He’s deadly in front of Im Soo-jeong, but in front of his father (Lee Kyeong-yeong), he’s as sweet as a lamb.

He’s worked with Lee Kyeong-yeong before and he said, “He is very caring on site. I naturally call him ‘father’ now”. “Perfect Proposal” will be released on June 4th.

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[20150601] The ‘WooJoo Couple’ Has Their First Hug

[by Sora Ghim] MBC ‘Warm and Cozy’ Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang So Ra show a ‘height match hug,’ ready to fill the home theater with butterflies.

For the upcoming episode of the drama, Baek Gun Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok) and Lee Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) are seen in their first sweet hug. Late at night, the two are captured in an embrace, attracting attention.

Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang So Ra’s ‘first hug’ scene was filmed on May 25 in Jeju Island. Filming started at 10:30 PM and ended the next day at 2 AM. The two worked hard together to get the timing and flow perfect, rehearsing longer than usual. A bit embarrassed at first since it is the two’s first intimate skinship, as soon as filming starting, they pushed that aside and the staff observing were amazed at the realistic love scene.

This was the first time Kang So Ra is seen with her long hair down, usually opting to put it in a ponytail. She transformed into a feminine style, moving from her usual easygoing and strong character.

A producer at Bon Factory stated, “Starting from episode 7 and 8, Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang So Ra’s romance will get deeper and skinship between them will occur more frequently. Please anticpate the ‘warm and cozy’ butterflies Gun Woo and Jung Woo’s lovey-dovey romance will give.”

Meanwhile, ‘Warm and Cozy’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday. (photo by Bon Factory)

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